Chloe on Sale!

Chloe Women Shoes Fall - Winter 2007/08 - BUCKLED LOAFER -

Manolo says, here is the very versatile and stylish Chloe buckled high-heeled loafer that the Manolo thinks would be perfect for wearing to your place of employment, perhaps with the pants or the skirt.

Even better, it is on the sale, over $150 off of the regular price! But hurry, it is only available in the limited sizes.

The Thought For the Day

Manolo says, the Manolo’s friend Linda Grant is having the contest

Here is what you have to do. You simply need to dream up a Thought for the Day – a sentence or a two, an idea, an aphorism – about fashion, clothes, style. Do not be intimidated by the brainy observations that I have run so far. ‘A good handbag makes the outfit’, a perfect piece of sartorial wisdom, was dreamed up by my mother who left school at 14, and the family motto, ‘There’s only one thing worse than being skint and that’s looking as if you’re skint,’ by my immigrant grandfather who never even learned to speak English.

Go and submit your favorite fashion aphorism.

The God of Cooking

Manolo says, behold!

In Mr. Henry’s opinion, Buttercup is misguided. The Benevolent God of Cooking is a woman, or perhaps women.

And Mr. Henry is Her prophet.

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, and after the long break, it is again time to see what the Manolo is…



Listening to…

All the Manolo can say about the new Sweeny Todd, with the magnificent Johnny Depp, is that it is the masterpiece, the mad, misanthropic, repellent, gruesome masterpiece. In recent years, the Manolo had grown quite weary of Tim Burton and his whimsical, Addams-Family-style schtick, but this movie is on the entirely different level.

There is the undeniably malignant artistic vision at the heart of this movie that goes far beyond the usual winking and ironic stage productions of the past thirty years. Burton seems to be the first director to have fully comprehended the monstrosity contained in Sondheim’s lyrics, and is he certainly the first to have approved of it.