Betsey Johnson for the Gloomy Wednesday

Betsey Johnson Chelsea Pump   Manolo Smiles!  Click!

Manolo says, the Manolo has been feeling especially gloomy these past few days, and so naturally he does what he always does in such situations, look at the shoes.

These crazy, rainbow colored shoes from the Betsey Johnson have made the Manolo smile.

They are fun, and the simple line and lack of other ornamentations makes them wearable. Although, the Manolo suspects that the girl who would successfully wear such shoes would have to be charmingly wacky, the bit of the character, but also careful of avoiding seeming cartoonish or overly eccentric. It is the fine line that must be walked with these shoes.

How to wear such unusual shoes; such are the pleasant puzzles that can occupy the Manolo and take him away, however briefly, from the gloominess that has beset him.