Puzzle Corner Monday: Celebrity Dogs

Manolo says, yes, it is Tuesday, but the loss of our Monday postings has meant that the Manolo can repost this item today. Look, the Spirit Fingers has the latest installment in her weekly Puzzle Corner feature. This week you are invited to identify the Celebrity Dogs!

The Crash of the Manolosphere

Manolo says, ayyyyyy! Yesterday evening, the entire Manolosphere came down crashing!

However after many hours, and much heartbreak, the technical peoples were able to restore the various blogs of the Manolo to the internets.

Sadly, you will notice that the postings at this blog from Sunday and Monday are now missing, as are your comments on those posts. Many apologies for this, but the pontifex maximus of the technicians has assured the Manolo that only the sacrifice of these things will appease the capricious gods of the internet.