The Shoes of the Pope

Manolo says, after all of the discussion about the Pope Benedict’s magnificent red shoes, the Manolo has finally located the close-up photograph of these wonders, the product of the Roman cobbler Adriano Stefanelli.

The Manolo now takes this opportunity to remind you that cobbling is one of the most sanctified of all the manual arts.


The Cobbler to the Stars

Manolo says, here is the article about one of LA’s greatest, and yet least well known peoples, Pasquale Fabrizio, the Cobbler to the Stars.

Purses and shoes you could barter for family members are commonplace at Pasquale’s. A $45,000 Chanel croc bag breezed through recently. He’s seen more celebrity feet than a Beverly Hills podiatrist. Fabrizio, master cobbler to the stars — to anyone, really, who appreciates a well-kept shoe — is a fixer of ailing soles. And souls.

People often have their hearts broken by shoes and accessories. They come to Fabrizio looking for a fix. One woman had fallen in love with her J. Crew leather flip-flops. Alas, they had been discontinued. She asked Fabrizio to make more. Could it be done?

“Understand one thing,” he said, “anything can be done.”

Louboutins are like Ferraris: always in the shop. Their trademark arterial red soles need periodic touchups. Fabrizio holds a tiny vial of custom red paint mix in the air like it’s the elixir of life. He has even innovated upon his own innovation. Recently he came across a thin, gleaming sheath of rubber in Louboutin red. Rubber won’t scuff off like paint. “Everybody is going to want this,” he says.

Clients have been so impressed with Fabrizio’s knowledge of shoe architecture, they have begged him to go shopping with them. They tell him they’d pay him $400 an hour to advise them on the merits of Cole Haan versus Gucci loafers. Five hundred! Six!

Trust the Manolo, getting the good shoe advice is worth whatever it costs, as few things are as important as finding the beautifully made shoes that fit well.

And, Fabrizio Pasquale is the man who clearly knows what he is talking about when it comes to the shoes.

.A passionate man, Fabrizio has strong opinions about shoes. Uggs deeply offend him. Especially scruffy ones. “It looks like a slipper, for god’s sake. You see these young women letting their boots go down at the heel and you think, What is that about?”

Another phenomenon that has recently been driving him nuts is this distressing trend: People ask him to make their boots look worn in. “How many years?” he’ll ask. Ten? Twenty? But what exactly does 10 years’ worth of wear look like? It’s a gray area.

He hates the Uggs? Clearly, he is the man of uncommon good sense.

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Manolo answers, it is the Marlon Brando!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend Irene Done who was the first to correctly identify the one and the only Brando.