Princess Poochie Profiled!

Manolo says, ayyyy! The Manolo’s internet friend, fellow shoe blogger, and frequent Manolo’s Shoe Blog commentator has been profiled in the newspaper!

Princess Poochie knows a thing or two about shoes.

She ought to. She has about 200 pairs.

Manolos. Dolce & Gabbana. Christian Louboutin. Nine West.

Mary Janes. Espadrilles. Custom-made vintage heels from the 1950s and ’60s.

She dreams about shoes and constantly trolls the Internet for them.

About a year ago, she started blogging about them, too.

Her blog,, is devoted mostly — but not entirely — to shoes. Shoes she owns, or would like to own. Her recent purchases or online discoveries.

Naturally, you must go read the whole profile, and then visit the Princess Poochie’s marvelous shoe blog.


Brian Atwood Peep-Toe for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are again back at your desk, doing whatever it is you do to earn your daily crust of bread. Meanwhile, outside of your office window, the late August morning is slipping away, taking another of your summers with it.

And you ask yourself, “How did it come to this?”

The summer you turned 18 you were certain you were on your way to great things as the prima ballerina who practiced veterinary medicine on the side, or perhaps the veterinarian who danced semi-professionally.

But then your first year in college that dream crashed when you earned the “C-” in organic chemistry, and when you realized that the training you received at the hands of Madame Ivanova, (neé Melody Stumpf) was perhaps not all that.

Happily, the young are wonderfully resilient and adaptable, and you so switched majors from pre-med to English and began writing earnest and intensely-felt poetry, which you would sometimes recite in coffee houses to scattered applause.

Sadly, three years later, you had the misfortune to graduate at exactly the instant the employment market for blank verse poets collapsed, leaving you wondering what you would do to earn your way. (Your parents having inexplicably declined to support your “art”.)

Still, you were determined to succeed, and so you moved to the city and temped, sharing the grubby two-bedroom flat and meals of cheap pasta with two other girls who had impossible dreams. But, writing was diffcult in such surroundings, especially as Katie, the stout diva manquée, practiced each evening. (The first few times, her overly brassy rendition of Sì, mi chiamano Mimì was charming, the seventy-third, infuriating.)

Thus, you had to find the real job, so you could get the better and quieter class of roommates, and the next thing you know you are working the entry-level job in some field related to insurance and/or investments.

Happily, you turned out to be good at insurance and/or investments, and so you rose steadily in this giant corporation, and soon made enough to move into the tiny studio apartment in the moderately less dodgy neighborhood.

And now you are on the edge of 30, and you haven’t written poetry for nearly three years, but maybe that is not so bad, because you can now see that you weren’t particularly good at it. But you are good, very good, at this job, and it brings you satisfaction, and your bosses and subordinates like and respect you.

And, this job allows you to acquire beautiful objects that you could not otherwise have afforded, such as these gorgeous patent leather peep-toe pumps from Brian Atwood.

Brian Atwood Patent Peep-Toe Pumps    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Deep Glamour

Manolo says, the Manolo’s good internet friend, and super fantastic intelligent theorist of fashion and trends, Virginia Postrel, has started the new blog, Deep Glamour, which, “explores the magic of glamour in its many manifestations, from movies, fashion, and advertising to real estate, politics, and sports.”

Already, the Manolo can see that this will be one of his daily readings. Please go there now and see what all of the fuss is about.


Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I am 14 and about to embark on the long and perilous journey of high school. My brother will be a senior, and he has many good-looking friends. I need a reasonably priced cute pair of flats to grab their attention. Please try to keep in mind that I am but a poor babysitter with not much to spare. I hope you can help!


Manolo says, ayyyy! Where does the childhood go? One minute your little darling is pretending to be the American Girl Felicity, dressing up in her in Colonial Williamsburg embroidered shift and mob cap, and the next she is plotting to use beautiful shoes to ensnare Biff Clostermann, captain of the football team. (“Oh, but he is so dreamy, strutting about the cafeteria with his big shoulders and single eyebrow.”)

But, is has always been thus, no?

The Manolo imagines that at roughly the same age young Sumerian girls put down their clay dollies and started plotting how to get the attention of that hunky Gilgamesh (“Oh, but he is so dreamy, strutting about Uruk with those curly ringlets and bronze sword.”)

Look, here is the Game Over from the Naughty Monkey, the perfect flat for the new school year.

Game Over from Naughty Monkey


Project Runway, Season Five, Episode 6

Manolo says, ayyyy! Drag queens and Project Runway! Two great tastes that taste great together, like sequins and neon green feather boas! Like Mediterranean accents and fashion blogging! Like existential despair and bargain vodka!

Oh, how very long the Manolo has been waiting for the Project Runway producers to recognize the pure entertainment value of drag; to see that the addition of the ferociously fierce-o-licious drag queens would likely produce one of the greatest episodes ever.

And indeed, it has come to pass exactly as the Manolo had imagined.

But then, the Manolo has long been convinced that if the television networks were truly serious about increasing viewership they would serve up the heaping helping of drag queenage. Consider how much more entertaining your favorite shows would be if the lead actress were replaced with the giant drag queen. (Finally, The Closer would be watchable!)

So, at long last, there they were, giant glorious drag queens heralded onto the runway by the delightful Chris March in full Brunhilda glory. And these were not just any old random drag queens, no, no, no these were famous drag queens, figures of renown and respect in the “community”. Varla Jean Merman (whose Southern accent is much more convincing than Kyra Sedgwick’s), Miss Understood, Hedda Lettuce, and the others, they are all famous, truly the creme-de-la-drag.

At that point, five minutes into the show, the Manolo’s joy knew no bounds!

And then the designing started and the reality of the episode exceeded the expectations. Without the doubt this was the most quotable episode of the Project Runway ever. “Sad chicken”, “gay pterodactyl”, and “wookie onesie” (with sound effects) have all now entered the Manolo’s vocabulary.

It was also the most entertaining episode ever, every bit of it amusing–the trip to Mood, Tim’s customary workroom walkabout, the inevitable attempt at conflict (between Suede and Hedda Lettuce), the celebrity judge (Ru Paul!), Michael Kors comments– every bit of it wonderfully delicious.

For the Manolo, the exact peak of the show arrived when RuPaul rebuked the excuse-full Keith the Angry Gay Mormon with “the dingoes ate your baby,” which is cryptic in print, but hilarious and sharp and cruel in context. Truly, one of the great moments in the history of reality television.

Likewise, one of the most amusing aspects of this most amusing episode, was that Emphatically Not Gay Joe so fully mastered the subtleties of dressing drag queens, to the point that he was judged the winner for pouring Varla Jean into the spangly pink, Gay Ship Lollipop sailor suit. Masterful.

And Terri, whom the Manolo is completely convinced will be one of the three finalists, came up with something so startlingly surreal and original that the previously ousted Jennifer (the bewildered child who claimed her inspiration was “Holly Golightly meets Salvador Dali”, whatever that means) must be kicking herself. Again, masterful.

The bottom three, Miss J. Jarell (whom the Manolo also expects to be one of the three finalists), Keith the Angry Gay Mormon, and Daniel (the bewildered child with the “impeccable taste” that wasn’t) were all deserved, although Jarell’s outfit was merely not over the top enough, rather than actively bad, like the other two.

And in the end, after Keith was cruelly rebuked, when Daniel was sent away by popular acclaim, it was more like the mercy killing than the auf’ing. Daniel’s threnody of whine had grown tiresome, and his lack of talent had begun to tell.

And now the Manolo must go watch this episode again, for such concentrated entertainment cannot be fully appreciated in the single sitting.

Elie Tahari Carolina for the Thursday

Carolina from Elie Tahari    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, after the excess fabulosity of last evening’s Project Runway, the Manolo requires something calming and classic, something like these new low-heeled pumps, the Carolina from Elie Tahari.


Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Manolo answers, it is the Meg Ryan!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend CC Mary who the first person to correctly identify this week’s celebrity.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…



Listening to..

Until this past weekend, when the Manolo saw the new Tropic Thunder movie, The Manolo had nearly given up on Ben Stiller. His act, once so sharp and funny, had grown stale and repetitive, and almost unbearably lazy with throw away movies such as Dodgeball.

But, with this new movie he has redeemed himself, for it is one of the funniest and sharpest movies the Manolo has seen in many months, indeed, it is the work of near genius.

Of the course, Tropic Thuner is not the movie for the faint of heart, but those who can tolerate cruel and intensely sardonic humor will be well rewarded. Both Ben Stiller and Jack Black are exceedingly good, and Robert Downey, Jr. gives what is undoubtedly one of the most confoundingly brilliant and funny performances the Manolo has ever seen. And even with that, the entire movie is stolen by (of all peoples) Tom Cruise(!), who gives what is the most exceptional and unhinged performance of his career, one that has honestly caused the Manolo to reassess his opinion of him.

So, if you are the person who loves the comedic acting, you must go see this movie forthwith.

The Super Fantastic Stila Giveaway, Part Deux

Manolo says, the Teeny Manolo is giving away yet more goodies from the Stila. Hurry, enter right away.


Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

In September I’m getting married in an informal ceremony on a Hawaiian beach. I’ll be wearing a vivid ocean blue jersey sundress with simple Tahitian pearl jewelry and white orchids in my hair. I’m not going to wear shoes on the beach, but for the dinner after the ceremony, I’ll need a pair of sandals, something affordable that’s pretty but not too fussy.


Manolo says, how the Manolo well remembers the single beach wedding he attended, many years ago, in the seaside resort mecca of Panama City, Florida. (Where all of your wildest mini-golf and ribald t-shirt desires may be satisfied!)

It was the beautiful and moving ceremony, the bride in the lovely, white sundress-ish thing, the groom so handsome in his tuxedo from the Jimmy Buffet “Margauritaville” collection. The Manolo nearly wept with joy for his friends.

And then the sand fleas came.

Afterward, the fragrance of calamine lotion and domestic beer scented the magic Redneck Riviera night.

Ayyy! Hawaii! You will need the most beautiful shoes possible for your festival of poi, roast pig, and lifelong commitment.

Here is the , the simply beautiful and affordable sandal that is available in 14 colors, including this marvelous platinum..

Fawn from Lumiani   Manolo Likes!  Click!


Project Runway, Season Five, Episode 5

Manolo says, ayyyy! Who knew Brooke Shields was so nice! She is like the giant, beautiful goddess of nice, radiating kindness and good humor everywhere.

Clutch us to your ample bosom, Giant Goddess Brooke! Teach us to be nice to annoying persons with consciously outre hairstyles and studied personality traits. We are your votaries!

Such is the power of Goddess Brooke’s graciousness, that last night, even the most contrived attempts at creating dramatic friction (between Korto and Joe, and Terri and Suede) resulted in the big nothing. And thus, for the first time all season, the clothes were the stars, and not the tediously strained fake personalities.

And for this we are thankful.

Yes, there was that unpleasant (but funny) moment on the runway when Kenley sniggered at Daniel’s protestation that he was possessed of “impeccable taste”, the moment that was sort of like Minnie Pearl making fun of Dolly Parton, ridiculous and ironic on more levels than one could care to count. And in truth, it just made the Manolo pity poor Daniel, self-deluded, his ship of self-image foundering on the rocks of reality.

Other than that, this was the drama-free episode. Indeed it was even one of the few episodes in recent memory when someone actually took Tim’s advice and used it to improve their outfit, as Korto did with her “giant sweet potato” jacket, belting it up and into some semblance of shape.

For the Manolo, the final runway show was the revelation, as it showed that there was more to Keith the Angry Gay Mormon than insecurity, self-regard, self-loathing, and that stuipd bandana. (Who does he think he is, the auxilary member of the 18th Street Locos? ) His final outfit was gorgeous and original, and completely appropriate for Brooke Shields. Bravo!

Likewise, the Manolo has gained new respect for Miss J. Jarell, who is much more intelligent and thoughtful than his silly personal costuming would indicate. His final outfit was the smart blending of textures and materials, and the Manolo preferred it ever so slightly to Keith’s. That belt was rocking.

As for the other outfits, the Manolo agrees that Kelli’s was the clear loser, tacky and cheap-looking as it was. Korto’s wasn’t bad, and ditto for Terri’s, although the Manolo grows weary of the pants thing.

And then there was Blayne, who truly seems to have little talent for original design. Didn’t the Manolo see this exact same grey Bermuda short set on Jennifer Aniston, circa Vince Vaughn? Worse, what is up with Speedy’s the Alka-Seltzer Boy’s hairdo? It does not seem so much styled as thatched.

Of the course, the Manolo now feels guilty for making the gentle fun of Blayne, for it is clear that whatever he lacsk as the designer, he more than makes up for in human decency. They way he behaved on the runway, when asked who should be sent away if his outfit were judged the worst, was the true lesson in grown-up adult behavior. The Manolo salutes him for this edifying display of Brooke Shield’s style graciousness, it deserves our respect.