Roberto Cavalli Sandals for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and you are back at your desk working feverishly to complete the task you had promised the bossman you would have done by this morning.

Mind you, you are not complaining about this, just working at the hectic pace, whistling softly, even as your mind wanders back to what had turned out to be the weekend to remember.

It had not started out that way, indeed, you had intended to work on your boss-appointed task on Saturday. But, the uncommon freedom of being the new empty-nesters seemed to inspire your man Larry, after 23 years of marriage, to treat the weekend as the opportunity for the impromptu “Honeymoon at Home”.

So, one minute, you are in the kitchen reading recipes for lemon pound cake, and he is on the sofa in the game room watching Ohio State and USC, and the next he is all over you, humming the Viva Viagra song, and nibbling on your ear. And it is not even halftime!

And now your back is achy from the kitchen floor, and the antique settee, and the chaise by the pool (Gawd, you hope the Tullys were not awake at 3AM), and the dining room table, but you do not care, no sireee, not one bit.

If you’d known this would be the result of taking your youngest away to college you would have considered sending them to boarding school many years earlier.

You know what you need, now…Cavalli!

Cavalli! Cavalli! Cavalli!

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Over the top, sexy, beautiful, witchy, snakey, ridiculous, sublime, Cavalli!