Ayyyy! Monday Puzzle Corner

Manolo says, this week, the theme is Chick Lit at the movies.

Christian Louboutain Boots For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk, and frankly, for once you are so happy to be there, although not nearly as happy as you are to know that tomorrow this election madness finally ends.

This is absolutely the last time you register you political party as “independent”. Indeed, your phone must have rung forty times this weekend, what with the robo-calls, and the pollsters, and the polite young people from both of the campaigns, trying to sway your vote, or begging for money.

Nearly as bad as the phone calls, was the constant bombardment of the television ads. Mendacity and hyperbole, bombast and misdirection, and numberless attempts to frighten and bully you into voting one way or the other, and those were just the ads for the county supervisors.

And then there is the entire problem of social discourse. You have spent the past several months tip-toeing around your acquaintances and business colleagues, speaking obliquely and avoiding certain topics, lest these peoples turn out to be the avidly unreasonable supporters of one faction or the other.

One minute you are talking about taking your nephews to the zoo, because they “love the elephants” and the next, you are embroiled in the heated argument about tax policy with someone you barely know.

Oy, but this is tiresome. You long for the days when participatory democracy meant voting for the homecoming queen, not trying to sort out the various currents and subcurrents of the modern American political system.

But, what can you do? You are the good citizen, and so you do your part, educating yourself and participating as best you can, even if you find all of it about as satisfying as the trip to the dentist.

And now you need the break, the long, pleasant, politics-free break.

Wait. What’s this in the Post? “The 2012 race commences first thing Wednesday morning.”

“Ayyyyy! Manolo take me away!”

This level of weary malaise and alarm calls for something super fantastic, some spectacular, something Louboutain!

Boots, platform, tall, fantastic, super.