Manolo in Uruguay

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends have been asking the Manolo, “Manolo where are you?”

To which the Manolo responds, Uruguay!

For the past ten days, the Manolo has been renting the beach cabaña in the tiny, and as yet unspoiled fishing village of Punta del Diablo, far up on Atlantic coast of Uruguay, very near the Brazilian border.

Mira! Here is view from the Manolo’s front porch! The mere fifty meters to the water’s edge!

And here, below, is the picture of the cabaña next to the Manolo’s, which as you may see is located right in the dunes on the almost undeveloped beach.

This little beach house was almost identical to the one occupied by the Manolo, on the Playa de la Viuda in Punta del Diablo. It is tiny, rustic, in the sand, and yet not at all uncomfortable.

When the Manolo first told his Argentine friends of his plans to go to the Punta del Diablo, they had much to say.

“Manolo,” they said, “this place it is muy salvaje, very wild and undeveloped and full of nothing but hippies and Uruguayos. Why do you not wish to come to the Punta del Este this year with the rest of us?”

“Because,” the Manolo answered, “this Punta del Este is too crowded and overdeveloped, and too full of the strutting, bare-chested popinjays and their be-thonged hoochie mamas, not unlike the worst parts of Miami Beach on the bad day.”

And so the Manolo betook himself to the far northern edge of Uruguay, where it was beautiful and tranquil (if occasionally windy), and where the hippies and Uruguayos roamed freely. And while the Manolo could do without the mob of international fake hippies, with their carefully tended dreadlocks and designer beads, the Uruguayos, themselves, are among the most politest, kindest, and sweetest peoples the Manolo has ever met. Indeed, they are one of the reasons this trip has been so pleasurable

In all, it has been the beautiful Christmas vacation of sandy beaches, fresh air, and comparative solitude for the Manolo.

And now, the Manolo is off to Patagonia and Chile.