Kate Spade for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk, working like the dog, with all of the other ladies who do not lunch; with all of the ladies who do not have the luxury of sitting around on their heinies with their kaftans and turbans and fancy cigarette holders and their Japanese houseboys who bring them mid-morning high-balls while they talk on their princess telephones. No, no, you are with the ladies who are the productive members of society, who go off to their places of employment where their formerly delicate spirits are daily crushed beneath the boot-heel of the Man, impassive and odious in his disdain.

In short, you must work while others lounge upon their piles of unearned money!!!

And now, look at you, you are sitting at your desk, silently ranting like the street corner communist denouncing the Dictatorship of Capital!

Of the course, the real problem is not the ladies who lunch (whom you well know have not worn the turbans and kaftans since Auntie Mame was shouting “Life is the Feast, Suckas!”), but rather, the problem is that outside it is the most beauteous of late spring days; warm and fragrant with the scent of flowers and green leaves, betokening the simple joys of summer: languid strolls in the country, lemonade on the porch, and long evenings watching the fireflies flicker.

In short, the weather is nice and you are stuck in the office, yet again!!!

Oh, well, things could be much worse. You could be “funemployed“.

What you need now is to look at pictures of beauteous and impractical shoes; shoes that cannot be worn at the office, shoes that can only be enjoyed in the full light of the early summer’s day. Shoes like these flowery thong sandals, the Freda from Kate Spade.

Freda from Kate Spade    Manolo Likes!  Click! Freda from Kate Spade   Manolo Likes!  Click!

They smell like begonias!