Lilly Pulitzer For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and you are sitting at your desk, when you realize that this weekend it is the Fourth of July and you have not yet purchased your new bathing suit. And you have been invited to the big-dealio, all-day beach party with your husband’s co-workers. Ayyyyy!

To make the matters worse, this winter was not kind to your backside, to say nothing about your belly-side, and your various other jiggly-bits which will soon be swaying gently in the seaside breeze.

And so, with great haste you log onto the websites of various on-line retailers and look at one-piece tank suits with special supportive panels and Spanx-like hidden trussing. After 47 minutes of searching (all on company time) you give up the search when you realize that the bathing suits are not usually something that can be reliably purchased on-line, that is, unless of the course, you are one of those women who is comfortable having the bottom part of the suit ride up into the crotch, exposing your lack of Brazilian waxification (strangely, this population is not inconsiderable).

That is when you decide that the better course of action will be to fake the big emergency tomorrow afternoon, so that you can rush out of the office and down to the mall.

This decision, one of life’s forgivable little white lies, causes you to feel both relieved and exceedingly guilty. You are punctilious about such misconduct. It is one thing to waste the stray hour reading the Celebitchy and the Fug Girls on company time, but another entirely to carefully plan to mislead so as to be able to go shopping on office time.

In point of fact, this planned infraction leaves you feeling so guilty that must go to your happy place, to the Manolo’s humble Shoe Blog, where you will be able to look at beautiful shoes, thus soothing your jingly-jangly nerves.

Ayyyyy! You just realized that you are still as white as the ghost, and there’s no time for the tanning booth!

Manolo take me away!

Look, here are the beautiful low-wedge heeled sandals from Lilly Pulitzer!

Inner Circle Wedge Sandals from Lilly Pulitzer   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Feel better now?