Gomez, Morticia, and Two Wednesdays

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, not to be cruel, but “Gothic Homunculi” is not the best look for state photos.

P.S. The Manolo has shamelessly stolen the perfect title of this post from his internet friend Fausta.


30 Responses to “Gomez, Morticia, and Two Wednesdays”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Ayyyyyy!!!! Two Wednesdays? It could just as easily be two Festers!

  2. dance Says:

    Gotta love the way Michelle tried to make the rest of them feel comfortable with a stylish get-up that is yet oddly reminiscent of a gothic monk’s robe.

  3. Gerri Ward Says:

    OMG! This is solely GOTHIC FABULOUS!!!:)

  4. La BellaDonna Says:

    It is not the all-black costumes of the chorus that depress in this picture.

    *sigh* La BellaDonna’s mama, she was right. Despite the risk of garments off the rack never fitting properly again, stand up straight, dear peoples! (Barring any physical limitations, of course.) It will improve the breathing, the back, it will feel better, and the pictures, they will not look so … sad.

  5. JustJenny Says:

    I heard that there was a lot of flack about this photo because in Spain there’s sort of an unwritten rule that the President’s kids aren’t supposed to be photographed? So they’re probably really not used to this… I can’t imagine being called “gothic homunculi” is going to make them want to do anything other than crawl a into a hole and continue to dress in all black…

  6. Emma B Says:

    You know, if these girls were adults or even older teenagers, I’d be fine with you making fun of them — but they’re 13 and 16. Sure, the clothes aren’t the best, and they could stand to improve their posture, but calling young teenage girls names like that IS cruel.

    I’d be pretty horrified if other kids at school were someday to call my daughters “gothic homunculi”, let alone an older man who writes a popular blog. Even if I privately agreed with the sentiment, that’s just ugly behavior.

  7. Little Red Says:

    In spite the photo with the Obamas, the Spanish PM’s daughters aren’t public figures. Let’s save the ridicule for the ones who deliberately dress badly as adults.

  8. Jeannie Dahl Says:

    Oh, lighten up people. A little teasing never hurt anyone. And besides, someone SHOULD tell this pair that black sacks and combat boots are inappropriate.

    Also, “Gothic homunculi” is one of the funniest phrases I’ve read all week. I’m going to work it into all my conversation.

  9. Cara Says:

    Speaking as someone who was a 13 year old goth once, I would have worn the title of “Gothic Homunculus” (homuncula?) with great pride.
    I might write it on my T-Shirt today.
    I like her nerve – “I’m meeting the President of the United States today… and I’m wearng my cool 12-hole Doc Martens”.

  10. desertwind Says:

    Aw. I think these girls are so seriously cute.

    (BTW – A recent look at photo of self at 13 shows: I had the same posture! And Doc Martens!)

  11. Maggiethecat Says:

    Hi from sunny Spain! Actually over here other PM’s children and similar public figures (the royals come to mind) get photographed often without anyone raising a fuss, so my impression is that the (disproportionately mean and vicious, for sure) attacks on the girls’ appearance are more about the growing resentment and discontent more people are feeling towards their stupid, incompetent father than about the girls themselves. A lot of the criticism focused on the fact that: a) he actually took his children to a State visit, which was paid for with the taxes of those of us who are still lucky enough to be in a position to pay them. We are shrinking in every possible way every day. Just out of curiosity, how many premiers bring the whole family at this type of event? b) This isn’t a stolen candid shot of of the girls hanging out with their friends in the street (i.e. invasion of their privacy, which to my mind would have certainly have warranted their father’s reaction). This is a posed shot taken in a State event, where they chose to appear. JennieDahl’s right, somebody should have told them appearing in this way at this type of evet wasn’t the wisest choice, ‘cos it certainly looks like mom and dad couldn’t be bothered – how uncool to impose some discipline on the kids who don’t know better, even for this ocassion, and especially in light of Madrid’s bid for the 2016 Olympics. Then the reactions and ridicule started coming, and he made this big stink about his daughters’ right to privacy, blah blah. Should have thought of that before, dude. Really, this is the story of some five years’ worth of idiotic administration condensed in a little pic.

  12. JustJenny Says:

    I’ve got to say – a little teasing can really hurt.

  13. La BellaDonna Says:

    AAAAY! La BellaDonna typed hastily; she did not realize that the young ladies (who appear much more mature than their ages!) were still children. La BellaDonna, she does not approve of mocking children.

    That said? La BellaDonna’s dear mama told her at 13 and at 16 (and other ages before and between) that La BellaDonna needed to stand up straight; that is NOT the mocking. That is the duty of the adult to the child, and will both make the young ladies feel better, and help assure that they will be pleased with photographs of themselves, which is more important to La BellaDonna than how they look to others.

  14. Miss Marj Says:

    Well said Maggiethecat. It was a state function so why were they not forced into something more ‘appropriate’. Standards are slipping all over and it makes me sick.

  15. Terry Says:

    I agree that children of heads of state should be off limits for ridicule. Nonetheless, I agree with Miss Marj that such high profile parents should set better standards for style and appearance.

  16. daisyj. Says:

    To keep things on a more positive note, I adore Mrs. Obama’s shoes. Any guesses as to brand?

  17. Claire in Dublin Says:

    This just makes me love Zapatero even more. He had the guts to let his kids be themselves and didn’t force them into a preppy makeover for the occasion. Good for him. I believe he has previously kept his children out of the public eye so I think he is perfectly entitled to try and limit publication of pictures of them if he wants to. Also contrary to Maggiethecat’s statement above, I believe it is perfectly normal for first families to be included in State visits. Go Zapatero!

  18. Lori Says:

    Three points:

    It’s the posture, not the clothes. (Whatever happened to ballet lessons?)

    The girls’ clothes aren’t flattering, but aren’t inappropriate, either.

    Unless the Spanish first family travels on commercial flights, I’m sure the girls’ coming here didn’t set their countrymen back any money.

  19. Ari Says:

    I’m failing to see what is unusual about 13- and 16-year-olds dressing Goth… They’re teenagers, they look like teenagers, and why are we critiquing them? I am proud of them for dressing and looking the way they want to! They’re kids, leave them alone!

  20. Emma B Says:

    @Jeannie Dahl, this is something beyond teasing.

    Think about the worst photo ever taken of you from junior high. You know, the one where you’ve got the ill-advised perm and blue eyeliner, and where you’re not standing up straight because you’re self-conscious about having the biggest boobs in the 8th grade, back when you really thought loose-fitting dresses made you look slimmer.

    Now imagine that your local newspaper published that photo on the front page with the headline “Local teenager looks like a total dork”, and strangers *from other countries* wrote letters to the editor calling you a troll. That’s a little different from your older brother saying “nice dress, brace-face”, don’t you think?

  21. Maggiethecat Says:

    Guts? Um, Claire, no. ZP doesn’t have the guts to stand up to his own teenage daughters and remind them that a high-profile gala, covered by international press, is perhaps not the same type of situation as meeting up with the gang at the pizza place, just as he doesn’t have the guts to make an actual stand against much graver issues. Back to the kids, I actually think it’s great that they’re Goths. I think it’s great that they do and wear whatever they want on their own time. As it is, whether they like it or not, and whether the results of their choice are to their liking or not, at that moment they were the image of their nation, and many of the represented, the people who pay dad’s salary, think this could have done better (and, as a former Gothling, I certainly don think this type of thing does much to dispel the general assumption that all Goths are all immature and without a clue of the real world, either). Would it have killed them to act the part just once? Also, the pic leaves me wondering how soon the girls will outgrow their Goth phase, if they do, and then how are they going to look back on their parents allowing them to be immortalized on the public eye in this way.

  22. Maggiethecat Says:

    Correction: “think this could have BEEN done better (and as a former Gothling, I certainly DON’T… etc., etc.” I know how to use a keyboard most of the time, I promise.

  23. phyllis Says:

    Oh for god’s sake people; I have two 13 year old daughters (twins) and there is NO WAY I’d allow them to wear their middle school punk rock wardrobes for an official visit to the WHITE HOUSE! Their parent’s should have left the kids at home.

  24. Lily Says:

    Forget the girls – what in the heck is Michelle Obama wearing?

  25. raincoaster Says:

    Actually, as a recovering Goth the only issue I have with this picture (other than the posture!) is Since When Have Muumuus Been Goth????

    Girls, REPRESENT!

  26. T-Rex Says:

    They are 13 and 16, Ya’ll. Leave them alone. They are more pulled together and coordinated than I was at that age, so more power to them! And good on Mom and Dad for letting them be themselves.

    BTW, the people who feel it’s OK to pick on these girls for their clothing choices are showing their lack of maturity.

  27. raincoaster Says:

    T-Rex, why do you read fashion blogs? Now I’m curious…

  28. Azulao Says:

    “Homunculus” is literally simply “little human.” It’s not an insult. “Gothic” is the name of a style, which they certainly exemplify. Gothic homunculus has a lot of syllables, which is why it’s funny.

    I like the girls. Although they didn’t do themselves any favors with the black sack dresses, they are: neat. Clean. COVERED. And even *smiling*.

  29. CM Says:

    Raincoaster, seriously? Why are you asking your question to someone’s retreating back? Can’t one read a blog regularly and still object to a particular entry without having their general interest about a subject called into doubt? How absurd.

    I’m not purporting to answer for TRex, but *I* read fashion and gossip blogs to have a laugh. If you want to have an actual one about this same photo, pull up Michael K’s entry from Dlisted. You could stand to really absorb it to learn how to write your Ayyyy! entries.

  30. T-Rex Says:

    Thank you, CM.

    Raincoaster, I read fashion blogs because I like fashion. I read Manolo’s blog because I like fashion *and* humor. I don’t read fashion blogs in order to pick on minors, especially minors who are not entertainers or celebrities. Adults who choose the limelight are fair game. Kids are not.

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