The Art Shoe: The Mojito by Julian Hakes

Manolo says, the Era of the Art Shoe continues!

Here are the details.

It may be hard to believe but this bizarre orange peel shaped-creation is actually a high heel shoe.

British architect Julian Hakes used his engineering skills to design the bizarre ‘Mojito’ footwear, named after the lime-based vodka cocktail.
Unlike a traditional shoe the Mojito doesn’t have a foot plate – but supports only the ball and heel which Mr Hakes says is perfectly functional and makes the wearer feel like she’s walking on air.

The 36-year-old said: ‘People say “how does it work?” but you can see where the heel and foot goes.

‘It protects the ball and the heel – that’s where the load is transferred when you walk.

‘When I thought about high heels I wondered why there was the need for a foot plate. If you look at a foot print in the sand it is very clear to see that the main force goes to the heel and ball.

‘By standing on a wooden block the foot naturally ‘spans’ the gap with bones and tendons.

‘The foot has its own inbuilt strength and support so why duplicate this? You would not have a jumper with rigid arms between elbow and wrist.’

This is very arresting idea well executed, one that makes the Manolo happy. However, as the matter of practicality, it is on the same plane as the “concept car“, exciting, interesting, thoughtful, and yet sadly not much more than the design exercise.