Christian Louboutin For the Columbus Day Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and perhaps you are at your desk, or perhaps you are not (seeing as it is either the Day of Columbus or, for some, the Día de la Raza). Either way, whether you are at the work or enjoying the day off, today is the day to celebrate discovery.

And what better way to celebrate this discovery than by remembering the woman who made it all possible, Isabel la Catolica, the Spanish Queen who provided the approval and funding for the Columbian scheme?

Of the course, we do not know exactly what shoes Isabel actually wore on the fateful day when Cristobal Colon was finally given the approval.

Happily, however, the Manolo is the amateur student of history, one who is qualified to make the educated guess, and thus he imagines it was something like this…

The Christian Louboutin Glitter Peep-toe Slingback.

Although, the Manolo is also willing to accept that it was the glittery sandal, such as this.

Straratata Glitter Platform Sandals from Christian Louboutin   Manolo Likes!  Click!

The Christian Louboutin Straratata Glitter Platform Sandals

“But, Manolo,” you are perhaps saying to yourself, “late 15th Century lady monarchs would have worn sensible brocade flats, not glittery-sexy pumps or sandals.”

To which the Manolo replies, O RLY?

The application of the well-known reasoning principal entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem, yields the following locgical question: “What sort of fabulous shoes would you wear, if you were a) the most powerful queen in the world and b) able to be carried anywhere you wished in the opulent sedan chair?”

To which the most reasonable answer is Glittery Louboutin Platforms!*

Thus…Q to E to the D.

*The answer “Bejeweled Louboutin Platforms”, is also acceptable.