Happy Anniversary! Five Years of the Manolo’s Shoe Blog!!

Manolo says, who could have imagined that five years ago today, when the Manolo made his first post, that he would still be here, still attempting to bring the beauty of shoes to his many and diverse friends.

In 2004, when the Manolo began his shoeblogging odyssey, there were very few other fashion blogs to be found on the interweb, and now as the Manolo once had hoped, there are dozens of shoe blogs and thousands of fashion blogs from all sorts of people, blogging from all sorts of perspectives.

This is perhaps the most amazing thing of all, that fashion reportage and criticism has become thoroughly democratized, just as the Manolo had predicted it would many years ago.

Naturally, the Manolo is bursting with pride that he has played the small tiny part in the development of the fashion blogosphere, as it’s greatest appreciator of shoes, and ridiculous clown prince. Although, much of the credit for the success of the Manolo must go to those talented peoples who have elected to help the Manolo fill the Manolosphere with writing: Never teh Bride and Twistie at the Manolo for the Brides and Manolo for the Home, Raincoaster and Spirit Fingers at Ayyyy!, Isidore Gallant at Manolo for the Men, Mr. Henry at the Manolo’s Food Blog, Glinda at the Teeny Manolo, Plumcake and Francesca at the Manolo for the Big Girl and Diable and Diablesse at the Spanish language site, Manolo Moda. All of these peoples are beyond wonderful and deserve the Manolo’s undying gratitude.

The greatest measure of thanks, however, must be given to you, the wonderful, generous, kind, indulgent, intelligent readers who have made every bit of the Manolo’s success possible.

It would be impossible for the Manolo to repay the debt of gratitude he owes to you. You have literally changed his life for the better, and for that, and for the thousand other kindnesses, the Manolo thanks you. You are most certainly, and without the single doubt, super fantastic!


Manolo the Columnist: Tula from La Canadienne

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo

I’m off to study abroad in fabulous London for five months beginning this January. My travel books tell me to expect rain, rain, rain, but my beloved Pucci wellies neither fit into my suitcase nor the London fashion scene. Do you have any suggestions for some fab footwear that will get me from my flat to class (then maybe off to Soho for some shopping) and through all of the puddles in between? I’m looking for something under $200…after all, a girl needs a little extra cash for shopping in Paris!


Manolo says, London? What better place to shop for the new pair of Wellingtons, than in the place where they were invented!

Of the course, given the rapidity with which the American dollar has weakened over the past few months, by the time the Manolo’s friend arrives at Heathrow, two hundred dollars will be just enough to purchase the lamentably English meal of baked beans and strange sausages, with perhaps enough left over for the side dish of Marmite.

As for the matter of stylishness, the Manolo thinks few things are as stylish as the Pucci wellingtons, however, if they must stay behind, then the Manolo suggests the weatherproof Tula from La Canadienne to keep you warm, dry, and well-shod as you trudge through the slushy streets of mid-winter London.

Tula from LaCanadienne   Manolo Likes!  Click!