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Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Super Fantastic Shoes

October 19, 2009 8

Manolo says, these Mirror Mosaic Strappy Sandals from Thakoon are perhaps the single greatest pair of disco shoes ever crafted.

They are over the top in the most wonderfully stylish and exciting way possible, and are indeed the very definitoin of super fantastic. The Manolo feels exceedingly happy just looking at them.


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  • tina says:

    W.O.W. these shoes are amazing and truly unique!!! The shoes I’m obsessed with right now, Gucci Drew heels…LOVE them…tell me what you think!

  • phyllis says:

    They make me want to shake my grove thang!

  • cris ma says:

    great pair of shoes! the design is exquisite it is not an ordinary type of style. the mirror design is really cool….

  • kristophine says:

    That is the definition of awesome. I… I am so in love.

  • Victor says:

    I keep coming back to look at those shoes. Are they over-the-top? Would only the best and the bravest wear them? Are drag queens the world over swooning at them? Are they utterly fabulous? Yes, yes, yes, and good gravy, yes!

  • Hampry says:

    They are over the top in the most wonderfully stylish and exciting way possible…… yes,great pair of shoes and disco shoes ever crafted.

  • Joe in ATL says:

    Just be sure to wear the underwears when you step out in these. No need to let the prospects get a free look.

  • Rural Juror says:

    It appears the drag queens have already discovered these shoes. The only size that’s sold out is 11. Lucky drag queens.