Totally Looks Like…Evil!

The Viasage of Snowy Evil!

Manolo says, frankly the Manolo finds the snowy grill to be less grotesque.

P.S. Thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend Mimi.


Manolo the Columnist: DT Leilani from Island Slipper

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I have a lovely warm cruise on my schedule this winter. I’d like to find a unique pair of sandals to take but I want them Made in the USA. Any ideas?


Manolo says, happily, there are many American companies who continue to produce first-rate feetwear in American factories from American materials.

Sadly, at least for the person who is looking for the stylish sandals to wear on the cruise, most of these high-quality American feetwear companies specialize in boots, and not just the cowboy boots, either.

The best and most rugged work boots in the world are produced in America by such companies as Frye, Wolverine, Whites Boots, and West Coast Shoes, the nearly century-old, family firm in Oregon, who use American leathers to custom make the world’s best pole climber, forest ranger, and motorcycle cop boots, in other words, serious shoes for serious occupation.

There is, however, one American company that produces exactly the sort of fun-in-the-sun sandal the Manolo’s friend desires, Island Slipper, the Hawaiian based firm that has been making casually fantastic thong sandals in Hawaii for more than sixty years.

The Manolo’s favorite is the sweet DT Leilani thong, available in three different colors, which you can order directly from the company’s website:

DT Leilani from Island Slipper