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November 16, 2009 6

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyy! The Manolo has dropped his glasses this morning and they have broken! And the super glue, it cannot fix them! (Unless the Manolo glues the lenses to his face, hmmm, they are the rimless sort.)

Please excuse this technical difficulty which will delay the production of this day’s blogging.


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  • jamie says:

    Ha! What a coincidence. I have just chosen my new glasses today. Ayyy ! Manolo why do you not have the pair of backups?

  • The Manolo’s backup are not only terrinly unstylish, Morty Seinfeld Glassess, but they are also many years out of date.

    Let that be the lesson to the Manolo!

  • caia says:

    Might I suggest, for future backup pairs, The GlassyEyes Blog? It reviews the online eyeglasses sites, and keeps on top of their sales.

    I am not affiliated with the blog, just a fan. The pair I ordered online serve me just as well as glasses that cost hundreds more, without any detriment to quality that I can tell.

  • foureyes says:

    Oh Manolo, for the glasses dependent person, there is nothing worse. It’s a big bummer, and I know how you feel. so, in the parlance of the internet: (((((hugs)))))

  • g-dog says:

    I haven’t broken a pair of glasses for a long time – but remember the misery & do try to keep a relatively current spare. Of course, if you’re prescription is changing – the spare is not as current as one would like.

  • I’ve ordered from both and Both have wonderful selections… and at those prices, you could order a pair a week and still not spend as much as you would on one pair of designer frames. Of course, I consider my frames eye jewelry…