Manolo the Columnist: The Blundstone

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

My dear husband fancies himself an outdoorsman, and although he did plenty of hiking and hunting when he was younger, these days he mostly confines his outdoor activities to raking the leaves and long walks in the park. What can you recommend as a Christmas gift that will flatter his self-image without seeming ridiculously woodsy?


Manolo says, it is true, that in his youth, your man occasionally marched into the great American wilderness with nothing more than the pocket canopener and the bag of pork rinds, emerging one week later covered with large patches of poison ivy, mutant mosquito bites, and enough outdoorsy credibility to last many month, before the whole odious process had to be repeated.

However, once most men enter the age of the middle, such arduous expeditions no longer seem perhaps so pleasant or useful, especially, if like the Manolo, one gets winded walking to the corner for the demitasse of cappuccino. And thus sedentary activities replace the more uncertain pleasures of rough camping in primitive natural settings.

Still, one needs to look sufficiently rugged and manly, without falling over the line into lumberjackery. This is why the Manolo loves Australia’s favorite outdoor boot, the Blundstone. And what could possibly be more manly and rugged than Australian outback boots?

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