Nina Patent Platform Sandal from Jimmy Choo For the Tuesday

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, and the party is over and you are back at your desk, and already you have broken one of your Resolutions of the New Year.

No, it was not the one about avoiding the doughnuts that the IT guys bring in every morning to share with the office (part of their calculated but hopeless policy of buying the love of their co-workers). No, thus far, two days in, you have kept away from your pastry frenemy, the cream-filled bismark. (Perhaps you should celebrate with the peanutty Payday bar from the vending machine?)

No, the resolution you have broken, which in the hindsight was perhaps not the wisest to make, was the one in which you resolved to gossip less.

You made it through yesterday gossip-less, but only because your best-friend-at-the-office, Julia, had been delayed returning from vacation because of the security turmoil at the airport.

But, there she was this morning, filled with news about the co-workers and the minor celebrities, and before you knew what was happening you were deeply embroiled in discussion about the various Kardashian trollops, and–Boom!—forty-five minutes of your life, and your boss’s time, down the drain. And all you have to show for it is the head filled with talk of Kim, Kourtney, and Khaaan (or whatever her name is), and the profound guilt you are experiencing about how you have betrayed the principles embodied in that Phi Beta Kappa key you keep discretely hidden in your purse.


Oh well, al least you know what can make you feel better…Shoes!

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Look! It is the Nina Patent Sandal by Jimmy Choo