Valentine’s Day Gifts for The Man in Your Life

Manolo says, and now the Dia de San Valentin approaches and you have not yet purchased the gifts which you will shower upon that special man in your life.

But you are confuddled, as not only have you learned, through hard lessons, that the writers at Cosmo and Elle know next to nothing (NOTHING!!!) about how to make the man happy (despite what the salacious headlines say), but also that your man is the sort, who, like Octavian, adopts the facade of modesty, even as the gifts and honors are heaped upon him. And so you know from experience that he will stoically pretend to be unswayed by your acts of tribute, not letting on that he is actually thrilled that you love him, that he is the princeps civitatis of your Heart.

Because you have determined to make this the super fantastic Valentine’s Day, you must now locate the small gifts suitable to the Augustan tastes of your man, which is where the Manolo, your humble Attic slave, can help, by suggesting items that shall please the Emperor.

T Anthony Leather Ball Point Pen    Manolo Likes!  Cick!

T Anthony Leather Ballpoint Pen

Acqua di Parma Aftershave Lotion

Acqua di Parma Aftershave Lotion

Burberry Stainless Steel and Leather Wrist Watch

Burberry Stainless Steel and Leather Wrist Watch



Robert Clergerie Clogs!

Manolo says, everyone is all hot under the collar for the clogs, which, when you think about it, is faintly ridiculous.

However, never let it be said that the Manolo does not respond to the latest fashion trends with useful advice, and so here are three pairs of French clogs from Robert Clergerie which are suitable for wearing out in public.

The Cuza from Robert Clergerie   Click!

This is the Cuza from Robert Clergerie, the crisscross strapped open-toed clog that sacrifices nothing in terms of trend-gobbling hotness. Is it possible for the clog to be “hot”? If so, this is perhaps the closest you may come to such the state.

Pavene from Robert Clergerie    Click!

Here is the Pavane from Robert Clergerie another open-toed clog that is worth your time.

Zhia from Robert Clergerie   Click!

Finally, here is the Zhia from Robert Clergerie in the glossy plum color that makes wearing clogs almost bearable.

Now Smell This

Manolo says, it is the fifth birthday of the oldest and bestest perfume blog, Now Smell This! Please go visit them and wish them well, they are very deserving of it.

What The Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…



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