Robert Clergerie Clogs!

Manolo says, everyone is all hot under the collar for the clogs, which, when you think about it, is faintly ridiculous.

However, never let it be said that the Manolo does not respond to the latest fashion trends with useful advice, and so here are three pairs of French clogs from Robert Clergerie which are suitable for wearing out in public.

The Cuza from Robert Clergerie   Click!

This is the Cuza from Robert Clergerie, the crisscross strapped open-toed clog that sacrifices nothing in terms of trend-gobbling hotness. Is it possible for the clog to be “hot”? If so, this is perhaps the closest you may come to such the state.

Pavene from Robert Clergerie    Click!

Here is the Pavane from Robert Clergerie another open-toed clog that is worth your time.

Zhia from Robert Clergerie   Click!

Finally, here is the Zhia from Robert Clergerie in the glossy plum color that makes wearing clogs almost bearable.