Gucci Drew Patent Leather Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk and noting that the frantic scramble to reserve the annual vacation times has already nearly passed you by.

Luckily, you managed to snag your customary dates of the second and third weeks of July, when you and Gary traditionally take the kids to the lake for two weeks of sunburn, poison ivy, and undercooked hamburgers.

Not so lucky was Jessica, the habitually crabby lady who works two cubicles over, who when she went to put her name on the roster discovered that Jeannie the New Girl had already taken the time period which Jessica has long viewed as her personal possession.

“Who does this girl think she is? I’ve been here seventeen years, and everyone knows that the first two weeks of June….” and so forth.

Worse, much worse, when Jessica the Crabby noted this “fact” to Jeannie the New Girl, Jeannie just shrugged her shoulders and walked away, leaving Jessica spluttering with rage.

Much, much, much worse, for the past week and the half, your work place has grown increasingly intolerable, as Jessica has launched the campaign of complaining, wheedling, whining and barely contained hostility against Jeannie the New Girl and anyone who would dare come to her defense, which, unfortunately, included you.

And now, today, the day is more than half done, and already you’ve had to endure Jessica’s passive-aggressive non-greetings in the coffee room, overhearing three very loud, one-sided telephonic conversations that Jessica supposedly had with her significant other about rearranging vacation dates, but which you suspect were really for your benefit, and the mysterious disappearance of your favorite red Swingline stapler (the birthday gift from Gary, signed by Stephen Root, himself).

Something will have to be done, like talking to the boss lady about this, and soon if you wish to make your working life more tolerable.

But first, you need to go to your happy place, and so you surf to the humble shoe blog of the Manolo, where there are funny things that will make you laugh, and pictures of beautiful shoes

Gucci Drew Patent Leather Sandals

Such as this striking Drew Patent Leather sandal from Gucci!

Ah, better already.