Manolo the Columnist: Tiriolo by Bruno Magli

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

My husband has planned a trip for us to Paris in May. It will be my first time in the city and I, of course, would like to look as smashing as possible (so as not to be outdone by those fashionable French women). The problem is, I am a very short girl and I always wear heels when I’m out. I understand that, given the amount of walking that one is likely to do during their first trip to Paris, heels may not be a practical option. Then again, hemming all of my trousers before the trip is also not practical. What is a short (but stylish!) girl to do?


Manolo says, Paris in the Spring Time! The weather will be temperate, the flowers will be in bloom, and if this is your first visit, you will finally encounter, in his native element, human society’s most natural-born aristocrat: the Parisian waiter.

Forget about all of those kings and queens, dukes and counts, the truly superior being is the person who will be bringing you the bouillabaisse.

You may have heard that the waiters in Paris are rude. Nonsense! They are simply displaying the dignified sense of reserve appropriate to their exalted station. They cannot help it that your lack of eating utensils, or the undercooked state of your food, has caused you to become all shouty, it is not their problem.

Likewise, you may think you your meal is brought to you because you are paying for it, as part of the commercial transaction. Ha! Your food and drinks arrive simply because your waiter has the keen sense of noblesse oblige. Serving you is the charity work Parisian waiters perform to help the less fortunate.

Look! Here is the Tiriolo from Bruno Magli. Cork soles for comfort and height, patent leather for sassy styling.
Tiriolo by Bruno Magli