Sweatpants for the High Fashion Slobs!

Manolo says, finally, the People of Walmart people are at the head of the fashion parade!

Taking casual chic to its extreme, a number of established designers including Michael Kors, Thakoon and Jean Paul Gaultier are touting versions of the slouchy pant usually associated with stay-at-home sick days. Gussied up with expensive materials, some tailoring details and price tags as high as $1,000, this new breed of sweatpant is intended to be worn proudly in public with blazers, dressy tops and high heels.

Designers say their customers are looking for fashion that’s less flashy, more practical. Plus, in shaky economic times, swanky sweatpants are viewed as a safe bet. “Look, whenever you can combine fashion, style and comfort in one item, it’s going to work at retail,” says Mr. Kors, whose cashmere versions will sell for $995. Sally Lohan, a trend expert at fashion-consulting service WGSN, also says the sweatpant trend will have legs. “We really balked at wearing leggings but eventually we all did—they were a good comfortable item to wear,” she says.


Katie Holmes in Sweatpants. The Death of Glamour.

Katine Holmes, on her way to Sam’s Club for some bulk chicken wings.


Mr. Henry in Japan

Manolo says, Mr. Henry sends back news from the Land of the Rising Sun.

The trip’s one great discovery, found in the famous Kyoto covered food market street (Nishiki-koji), were dried umeboshi, the tart salt apricot-plum found in a bento box.

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…


Listening to…



Manolo says, after reading the news about Danielle Steel’s spectacular shoe collection, the Manolo picked up the copy of Passion’s Promise to see what it was in her writing that was pushing many ladies of the Manolo’s acquaintance into the frenzy of reading.

On the one of the hands, there is the sort of propulsive force that drives one through the Danielle Steel novels, with one soap-opera-ish disaster after the next befalling her high-born characters. On the other of the hands, it is not the best written thing in the world. Indeed, the major problem is that Danielle Steel leaves no potential detail unmentioned, spending paragraphs on descriptions of things that are of minor concern. There is nothing for your mind to do when reading such things, which is perhaps the point.

By thirty pages into the book, the Manolo felt as if he were swimming in molasses.

And when he was 60 pages through, he put the book down and picked up Charles Bukowski, as the palate cleanser.

He has not returned yet to Passions Promise…perhaps someday, he will go back…