Burberry Confetti Hearts Espadrilles for the Spring

Burberry Confetti Hearts Espadrilles

Manolo says, it is spring! Time for the espadrilles to return, just like the swallowing birds to San Juan Capistrano.

And if you wish to have fun on your feets, then these Confetti Hearts Wedge Espadrilles are the funnest of springy shoes, and completely unlike the usual thing from Burberry.

Tea Rose Wedge Espadrilles from Burberry

And if the hearts are perhaps too literal the expression of your joy, then these tea rose colored wedge espadrilles from Burberry may be just the thing.


Nicole Scherzinger Needs a New Pussycat

N.B. Guest post by Steven Cojocaru. Read more at Cojo’s blog CojoStyle.


Oh no pussycat, not the boots and dress hooker look? Please tell me it’s a mirage my darling Nicole Scherzinger, you are too much of a goddess to wear these meager threads. Nicole, your supple, sensuous body should be wrapped in the finest silks and you should be worshipped by a dozen well-oiled sex slaves (oh no, I sound like Bruno). I am totally rooting (and texting) for you on DWTS. PS. Tell the show’s producers I will only do the show if I can dance with Derek!! xo Cojo

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?

Can the Manolo Make the Suggestion?

Dear ABC Television Network Casting Peoples,

The Manolo believes he has found the perfect person to play the role of Wacky Foreign Exchange Student on Glee.

P.S. Previously…Wayne Newton!