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David Beckham – Werewolf of London? | Manolo's Shoe Blog

David Beckham – Werewolf of London?

N.B. Guest post by Steven Cojocaru. Read more at Cojo’s blog CojoStyle.

David Beckham - Werewolf of London

Robert Pattinson is so yesterday, vampires are out and werewolves are in. Werewolves? Yes, when male stars are off-duty and are in scruffy mode, they are trimming their facial hair into shapes that scream werewolf. David Beckham is at the forefront of the trend, sporting a beard that lines his chiseled chin and grows like wild vines up to his sideburns – think Abraham Lincoln but butcher. Chase Crawford has also been working the look, but his face is so pretty, he ends up looking like Dakota Fanning with facial hair.

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