Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Adam Lambert, The Good Humor Man

Manolo answers, it is the Adam Lambert!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend Tamra/Spritle/ChimChim (the many, multiple-time winner) who was the first to correctly identify this week’s celebrity fashion-disaster of note.

Not Hungry?

Manolo says, oh noes! Mr. Henry had declared himself, Not Hungry.

Gary Busey: The Real Piece of Work

Gary Busey, Nuttier than the Bucket of Squirrels.

Manolo says, behold! The snippet of the actual conversation between your internet friend Manolo the Shoeblogger and the Young Clerk Girl at the Malibu Kitchen and Country Market, Summer, 2009.

Manolo: Bill and Deli Guy appeared to be quite angry with Gary Busey, yelling at him to put away his cell phone, and stop trying to cut into the sandwich line.

Young Clerk Girl: Yeah, he’s a real piece of work.

Manolo: So the Manolo has gathered.

Young Clerk Girl: Yeah, a real piece of work. He’s always demanding that we triple bag everything.

Alexander McQueen on the Sale

Manolo says, the Manolo was doing his usual surfing through the online shoe stores (because that is the way the Manolo doth roll), when he came across these beautiful Alexander McQueen items, all of which are selling at more then the 50% off of the usual price.

Alexander McQueen Flat Sandals on Sale!

These flitilicious little black, flat sandals are selling for more than 55% off of the regular price.

Alexander McQueen High Heeled Sandals on Sale!

For the Manolo these creative high-heeled sandals, which are reduced over $700 from the regular price, are exactly what you might wear to your next semi-fancy evening soiree, where you would undoubtedly be the envy of all.

Alexander McQueen Over the Knee Boot on Sale!

The Manolo does not know if last season’s trend for the over-the-knee, flat piratical boot will continue, or not, however, if you are intent on following that trend (despite perhaps sensible advice to the contrary), these Alexander McQueen flat boots are on the sale for 56% off of the regular price, the savings of over $900 of the American dollars!


Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?

Lessons from Finishing School

Manolo says, perhaps Miss Plumcake can help the Manolo rebuild Lindsay Lohan.

Walk gracefully in the rain.

I know, I know, it doesn’t make any sense, but trust me. Shoulders back, head up (like that little neck scrunch is going to do a darn thing to keep you dry anyway) determined –or at least not miserable– look and purposeful steps.

The moral of the story is this:

If you can walk with dignity in the rain, you can walk with dignity anywhere.

And now you must go read the whole thing.