Anglomania + Wing from Vivienne Westwood

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

Anglomania from Vivienne Westwood

Dearest Manolo,

I have discovered the cleverly concealed portal to shoe paradise….Zappos Couture

My question is, can I wear these shoes and not fall over?



Ayyyyy! The real question is not “could you”, but “should you”!

On the one of the hands, this shoe is so wonderfully hilarious and unusual that you would feel bouyant all day long.

On the other of the hands, small children and drunken men would point and laugh at you, which you may, or may not enjoy.

On the third of the hands, this is not the elegant or understated shoe, indeed, it is comical and lighthearted.

On the fourth of the hands: “Would the Jackie O. wear these?” asks the Manolo. “Who?” replies the girl who would consider wearing them.

On the fifth of the hands, the Manolo prefers the white version to the black, because the marbling effect shows up so much better.

Anglomania from Vivienne Westwood

On the sixth of the hands, if you were to attempt these shoes, you would have to carefully examine your wardrobe and self. These are such particular examples of the VIvienne Westwoodian world. Obviously the girl who wears Vivienne Westwood is the sort of girl who wears Vivienne Westwood.

On the seventh of the hands, you only live once. If they make you happy, they make you happy.

On the eighth of the hands… Giambologna’s Renaissance Hermes!

Hermes, not by Vivienne Westwood

On the ninth of the hands…. priapic Pompeiian Mercury!

Pompeiian Mercury, possibly by Vivienne Westwood

On the tenth of the hands….The Manolo does not know.. He. Just. Does. Not. Know.

P.S. The Manolo has been in love with the Zappos Couture from the very first instant he started his humble shoe blog. It is the magic fairyland of beautiful shoes.