Andie McDowell vs. The Withered Exercise Crones

Manolo says, the always beautiful Andie McDowell has the advice for remaining youthful into middle age..

When you were a young model, in an industry not known for positive body images, did you ever have problems with weight?
There was a time when someone complained to my agency that I was overweight. It was after I’d been in New York for a few years, and I was trying to figure out how to maintain my weight. I was 132 pounds then, and I’m 5-foot-8 – and still eat healthy and exercise. So I said, “Tell them not to book me. This is the best I can do.” And shortly after, I got Calvin Klein commercials and a movie, so it didn’t stop me.

You still look model weight to me
Right now I’m about 137 to 138 pounds and I feel pretty good about it. Also, as soon as you get older, your face starts o look drawn – that’s why I think I’m better off with those 5 extra pounds.

Both of the women below were born in 1958…

Andie MacDowell, looking super fantastic at age 52Madonna, Withered Exercise Crone

Perhaps the four-hour Pilates sessions are not the secret to eternal youth.


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Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk working away at the levers of life. (Now, if you could only figure out how to move the fulcrums to the more advantageous position!)

It is the start of May which means that summer is only just around the corner, peeking it’s head around Memorial Day, looking at you like the lost puppy. But, first you must give the month of May your attention, for there is much to do, such as Day of the Mother (Ayyyyy! All of the brunch places are already reserved!) and the end of the school year.

But, honestly, now that you think about it, May is one of the better months. The weather is pleasantly warm, there are no stressful holidays, the immediate future holds pleasant things, and your youngest children are still in the custody of the local school district, thus freeing you from having to come up with the summer recess accommodations and entertainments for them.

Of the course, if like the Manolo, you suffer from the hay fever, then May is the cruelest month, breeding mucus out of your sinuses, mixing Sudafed and nasal spray, suppressing rampant histamines.

If it is not one thing it is the other…

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