Christian Louboutin Speaks!

Manolo says, from our friends at NET-A-PORTER (who provided us with the delightful Giuseppe Zanotti interview) comes this most amusing interview with Christian Louboutin.

The first thing I really wanted to do was to design shoes for showgirls, because at the end of the day, you know, a showgirl is…is like a bird of paradise. It’s a woman, but it’s a representation of a bird, basically.

At the end of my school, I did a big internship at Folies Bergère, and it was very interesting because, you know, if you like high heels, the showgirls are the best to actually show how to walk, how to manage, how to practice, but also they know great tricks about things, because not only they need to look, and to be good, but also they have to not to think about it. So, it has to be very comfortable, they don’t have to think about their feet. And, you know, at the first moment when I really thought up this stupid sentence, which is ‘suffering to be beautiful’, doesn’t work. You know, showgirls cannot suffer to be beautiful.

The Folies Bergère has interns?

Of the course, you would be like the statuesque and colorful Bird of Paradise in these Christian Louboutin Ulona 140 platform sandals

Christian Louboutin Ulona 140 Platform Sandals
Although it would likely take several months of interning at the Folies Bergère to walk properly in them.


The Death of Cute

Manolo says, Miss Plumcake reports on the Death of Cute.

Androgyny, Thy Name is Australia

The Logical End of the Trend for More Masculine Runway Models

Manolo says, frankly, the latest crop of Russian super models leaves something to be desired.

P.S. What sort of designer would think this is the good idea?



Dia de las Madres

Manolo says, it is Thursday! Do you know where your mother is? More importantly, do you know where you gift for your mother is?

This year, you have pledged to do better than last year’s hastily organized trip to Cooter Brown’s Rib Shack, indeed, you have already made the reservations for the fancy brunch place with the white table clothes, where they serve free mimosa from the bottomless vat of “champagne”. (Your husband suggested that the waitress should get one of those backpack spray rigs, with the two tanks, marked “Champagne” and “OJ”.)

But, because you know that the brunch is not enough, not when you are certain that your siblings will be sending enormous bouquets of roses, and giant flowery greeting cards generously trimmed with paper lace and schmaltz.

And because you will not be outdid, you race to the CVS looking for the biggest box of Russell Stover, which is only 5 pounds, not enough to do better than your brother, Bob the Broker who will settle for nothing less than 10 pounds, but then you think “Quality, not quantity,” and opt instead for the fancy Frenchy chocolates sent direct from France (via Weehauken) where mothers are treated like Queens…right?

But then you decide to zig rather than zag, and decide that the bestest gift of all time will be slippers, elaborate golden glittery slippers like these, the Giselle from Patricia Green.

Patricia Green Giselle Slippers

Which, because it is at Zappos will certainly be there before the big day. And look! They have other gifts for the Dia de las Madre!

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Sofia Coppola's Shoes

Manolo answers, it is the Sofia Coppola!

Unfortunately, none of the Manolo’s internet friends was able to correctly identify this week’s moderately drippy celebrity of note, only the third or fourth time this has happened in the past three years of weekly contests.