Salacious Dances, Past and Present

Manolo said, Ayyyyy! It is the competitive pole dancing…

Naturally, the Manolo had no idea that this was so athletic, knowing so little as he does about the modern demi-monde. Nor did he realize that the competitive pole dancing costumes were no less salacious than, say, the women’s beach volleyball, or the Cirque du Soleil. Indeed, this has the strong resemblance to the high-end French Canadian circusry. Although, one does wish they had the better taste is the shoes.

Frankly, competitive pole dancing seems antiseptic, and mostly asexual, more similar to the the display of physical culture than the tawdry eroticism. So serious and martial, like the exercises done by the women of Sparta.

But, as we all know, last century’s forbidden dance, is this century’s historical curiosity…

Now, this, the cancan as imagined by Jean Renoir, is bacchic eroticism on the profound scale, so appealing and abandoned and natural that one wishes to be transported to this place, if only to drink champagne and observe.

P.S. The Manolo tip his chapeau claque to the Ka-Ching

Mr. Henry Moves to Manolo for the Men!

Manolo says, big doings this week in the Manolosphere, our friend Mr. Henry, having announced that he is no longer hungry, has moved from the Manolo’s Food Blog to the Manolo for the Men, where he will now dispense manly, man-based man advice for all who have eyes to read.

And, what better way to be begin, than with the basics: Tying the Right Knot.


Dior Padlock Clog Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at the work, adding your thimble’s worth to the Gross Domestic Product of National Productivity. It is not much, but in these days, it is every little bit that helps.

Unfortunately, your little bit of the productivity comes at the great price: you are inside while the most beautiful spring day blossoms into full bloom outside.

And so you begin to wonder about how it was back in the day, when there were no cars, or electricity, or frozen Lean Cuisine Lemon Garlic Shrimp dinners, and the peoples of the earth lived simple lives in harmony with the nature, lives which were not dominated by words, words, words swirling endlessly upon cheap paper and electronic screens.

Would it not be idyllic to wake up each morning, put on your all-natural fabric, shapeless woolen-shift, empty your chamber pot, and get busy preparing your daily meal of pounded gruel and chicken feet on the open fire fed by cow dung?

Wait the second!

This is not your fantasy of man-in-nature! This is the real thing, as life was lived before the invention of toaster-ovens and central heating.

No, no. Your prelapsarian world is the fantasy place, the semi-pre-industrial world where nature looks like the carefully tended garden, and the buildings blend seemlessly into it, and all the peoples are beautiful and enlightened, and walk about in short robes talking about philosophy and eating healthy ethical meals of fruit and vegetables that taste like ambrosia (with the little marshmallows) and yet have exactly the right amount of calories and nutrients to keep everyone looking like Hollywood actors…


And then you realize that your perfect world only exists in Star Trek: The Next Generation, as one of those places that look magnificent on the surface, but turn out to have barbaric laws and customs or else the secret terror lurking just off the stage, the terror which can only be defeated by incomprehensibly magical modern technology, egregious moralizing, and hammy acting.


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Dior Padlock Clog Sandals!

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