Manolo the Columnist: Karolina by Kate Spade

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I am defending my dissertation next month. In other words, I’ll be on my feet for two hours undergoing the academic version of the Spanish Inquisition! I need a beautiful, professional shoe with a WHOLE lot of support. Can you recommend something that will help me feel confident, yet comfortable?


Manolo says, Huzzah! The triumphant culmination of your twenty-five years of education approaches!

And to think, all it took was seven years of living on ramen noodles, stomach acid, and library paste. That, and the massive student loans that will only be eradicated by the violent act of God, such as the meteor strike or the sun going super nova.

Of the course, there is one minor teeny detail that must be taken care of before you can join the rest of the underemployed adjuncts down at the hobo jungle: your dissertation defense!

Yes, these things are supposed to be the semi-formality, the friendly gathering of fond professors ushering their prize student into the academic afterlife. But then you remember that Professor X will be there. Professor X, the sworn enemy of your advisor, the person who has publicly vowed to see your beloved Dr. Sweetheart “burn in the fiery pits of Hades, tormented for all eternity by vengeful demons” (Who knew people could get so worked up about Emily Dickinson?)

Ah, well, at least you will have the handsome and comfortable shoes, because you will be wearing the Karolina from Kate Spade, in the beautiful camel tan patent finish.

Karolina from Kate Spade