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Undergarments | Manolo's Shoe Blog


Manolo says, Mr. Henry considers underclothing.

Underpants – a comic masterpiece of a word. Just try maintaining a serious tone when saying the word “underpants.” In Britain you can’t even say “pants” without getting a clever-clever rejoinder. For them, pants are garments worn under trousers.

The German word for panties is “panties,” which when pronounced with a German accent sounds very, very naughty.

It’s difficult to know how to frame the argument about underpants. Boxers or briefs? Surely this is a false dichotomy.

And now you must go read the whole thing.

One Response to “Undergarments”

  1. Sasha June 9, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

    Must we?
    We found Mr. Henry to be insufferably smug when writing about food, and he does not appear to have changed now that he has transferred his affections to matters sartorial.
    There is a fine line between discerning and smug, which the Manolo seems to navigate better than some of his minions.