The Backache

Manolo says, our friend, Mr. Henry offers practical advice.

There are only three sure-fire cures for backache. One is whiskey. Another is downhill skiing. The third and finest of all is found behind closed doors with an enthusiastic partner.


Jimmy Choo Mercury Mix For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and you are back at your desk grumbling about the various and sundry injustices of the workplace.

Naturally, when you get to feeling so put upon and grumbly, you turn to the interwebs to provide you with the five or six minutes of mindless entertainment, and what (other than the lolcats) could be more amusing than pictures of beautiful shoes, as delivered by the strange person with the odd way of writing?

And so, while doing the little bit of virtual windowshopping at your favorite shoe blog you come across these Jimmy Choo Mercury Mix sandals the name of which makes you laugh out loud…

They make you laugh out loud because you are your father’s daughter, and so you well remember this person…