Sigerson Morrison on the Sale

Manolo says, it is summer and the Manolo has returned to Malibu for the season. This year, he was disappointed to learn that the Sigerson Morrison store the Manolo liked to stroll past on his way to Nobu has closed it’s doors, thus sending several tall, thin, tanned, would be models/aspiring actresses/future second wives, out into the unemployment line.

The Manolo is disappointed because he considers Sigerson Morrison to be the sort the public fashion utility, not excessively flashy, but always reliably stylish. They can be depended upon to look good when you need them.

Happily, although the Manolo’s favorite retail location has gone away, Sigerson Morrison shoes persist, and even the better, they are now on the sale!

Look here are several Sigerson Morrison shoes which are selling at more than 50% off of the usual price.

SM9388  Strappy Sandals from Sigerson Morrison

These high-heeled sandals with the clever, strappy details can be yours at the price that is reduced $525 dollars below the normal retail cost.

Sigerson Morrison strappy sandals

These super-extra-strappy sandals are one of the few navy colored shoes the Manolo would affirmatively recommend. They would look smashing with the rolled khaki shorts or the casual white cotton shift. And, at more then 50% off the regular price, they are the bargain too good to resist.

SM9374 Flat Sandals from Sigerson Morrison

These simple leather flat sandals, with the rich dark leather, are selling at nearly 55% off of the usual price, the savings of more than $300 of the American dollars.

All of these shoes embody the very characteristics for which that the Manolo values the Sigerson Morrison. They are not merely stylish, but stylish in the specific way that will allow you to wear these shoes long after the trends that inspired them have gone away. When summer ends you can even wear these shoes into the early fall, and when warmer weather returns next year, you can wear them again, without feeling foolishly out of fashion.