Manolo the Columnist: Julia by Think!

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

Starting next week, my sister, her husband, and two grade-school sons are coming from California for a five-day, Fourth of July visit. They’re going to be doing all of the sights, from the White House to the Smithsonian, and back again. I’ve decided to take two days off work and go with them on a couple of these jaunts, so there will be lots of walking in the unrelenting District of Columbia heat. Can you suggest some very comfortable sandals that don’t look a fright?


Manolo says, in the Manolo’s opinion, the Fourth of July is the best time of the year in the Washington, D.C., for the simple reason that no one looks at you askance for being the super patriotic flag-waver who expresses the ardent love of country. You are free to enjoy the fireworks and the brass bands, the happy crowds and the monuments, as if you were the little kid who has just memorized the preamble to the Constitution. (To have the company of actual children will make these simple pleasures doubly sweet.)

Unfortunately, at this time of the year, the Washington weather is not the most salubrious, for indeed, such heat and humidity are rarely found outside of the Turkish sauna. On the other of the hands, the congress persons have departed the district, leaving only the mosquitoes to feast upon your very essence.

Look! Here is the Julia from Think! It is comfortable and not unstylish.

Julia bt Think!