Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?

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Manolo says, the past three weeks have been busy for the Manolo, however that does not mean that our internet friends have also been idle, for indeed they have not. And so, the Manolo now presents the few choice Manolospheric links for your enjoyment.

Mr. Henry on the trilby

The look says, “I don’t wear this hat because I need to cover my head like some old bald guy (although in truth my hair is a fresh-out-of-bed mess). This hat radiates insouciance and cool. It advertises that I am in the know and am self-confident enough to be sartorially ironic.

Katie R. writes about the special jelly

With names straight from Hogwarts, the pair Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, are famous for their wild food related adventures, having previously create a jelly shaped like St. Paul’s Cathedral, a futurist aerobanquet, and scratch-and-sniff cinema, have now created a series of jams infused with “powerful artifacts.”

Miss Plumcake, writing what the Manolo thought was the mostly innocuous article, inadvertently launches the Great Nude Shoe Wars of 2010.

This is what I call a First Lady Shoe (and I’m charmed by the “film” treatment of the bow.) It doesn’t look like much on the screen, but you’ll find yourself reaching for these again and again for years and as long as they’re in season, they’ll be in style.

Christa Terry gives us pictures of strange buildings!

I’ve often commented on how strange my house is – mostly because someone in the past did a lot of shoddy DIY – but it’s not strange at all compared to these strange buildings:

Glinda the Good on telling time.

Even though telling time on a clock face is second nature to me, my son has grown up with a distinct lack of them. There might be a few scattered here and there in his life, such as at the library, but not enough to make any impact upon him. He doesn’t even have one in his classroom.

Raincoaster on Giselle Budchen.

Congratulations, that is true contrarian fashion genius.

Our darling Twistie writing about 17 years of the wedded blissfulness.

Sometimes happily ever after does sort of happen.

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…



Listening to…

Ever since he first saw the video clips many months ago, the Manolo has been eagerly waiting for the subtitled version of the Russian musical Stilyagi to appear.

And now, it appears that the Manolo has finally gotten his wish…



Loeffler Randall Mesh Lace-Up Ankle Boots For the Monday

It is Monday, and coming back from the Pilates this morning you ran into your old frenemy, Jenny, who described for you at great and exhausting length her new workout regime: the form of acrobatic “hot” yoga, which involves contorting oneself into the variety of unlikely positions, in the room heated to 120 humid degrees, while the small Indian man shouts quasi-religious non sequiturs at you.

“Inward, you will take your awareness now…”

Frankly, you would probably be more interested in yoga (Jenny does look great) except as the Roman Catholic you already have the mystical religion, thank you very much, and are not in need of the second more exotic one.

And then, on your way back to the office, it hits you: Catholic Yoga!

You will open the yoga salon which encourages its student to contemplate the suffering of the martyrs while assuming the attitudes of their deaths!

‘This position is known as St. Catherine on the Wheel,” you say as you splay your arms and legs into the unnatural pose, “take the awareness of Catherine’s suffering inward, hear her cries of agony, revel in God’s grace.”

To be followed by the St. Lawrence on the Griddle, in which you exhort the students to “feel the burn,” as you turn the room heat up to it’s highest setting.

And you are so excited by this new venture, which is certain to you make you as rich and as famous as any Indian ascetic, that you immediately begin planning your new wardrobe which will certainly include these ankle boots…

Loeffler Randall Mesh Lace-Up Ankle Boots

The Loeffler Randall Mesh Lace-Up Ankle Boots.


The Destroyed Cotton Balmain T-Shirt

Balmain Destroyed Cotton T-Shirt, Exuberant Luxury Pricing.

Manolo says, $1624!! Ayyyyy! Who knew that Army surplus clothing could be so costly?

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend Margot for alerting the Manolo to this.


Manolo the Columnist: Timberland Heritage Driver

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I want to buy my boyfriend a new pair of casual shoes, something to replace his aging and very smelly sport sandals. Please help.


Manolo says, it is the well-known fact that men, like the small children and the bears, are the conservative creatures of habit, largely unbothered by rude odors, and most comfortable in familiar but squalid surroundings.

Thus, just as it is difficult to remove the bear from his den, and the child from his toy, so too will it be difficult to convince your man to give up his stinking sport mandals, and accept the novel pair of shoes.

“Why should I buy new shoes,” he will say to you as he applies the duct tape to the sole, “these ones still have a few miles left on them.”

Later, he will pretend you are crazy when you ask him to put these monstrosities outside, away from the inhabited spaces.

“These shoes don’t stink that bad,” he will say, as the plants on the balcony drop their leaves and turn the strange yellowish color.

But, do not worry, your man is not the totally insensitive lout, indeed, he is the otherwise wonderful person with many good qualities, which just do not happen to include the good fashion sense or the working olfactory receptors. If you give him the attractive pair of shoes, such as these Timberland driving moccasins, the Heritage Driver, he will not only wear them, but be very grateful indeed.

Timberland Heritage Drivers


The Oldest Shoe!

Manolo says, look what the archeologist dragged in

Oldest Leather Shoes Ever Found.  From Armenia!

It is the oldest leather shoe ever discovered! Recently found in the Armenian cave, it is around 5500 years old, and is approximately be the ladies size seven.

And now, the National Geographic magazine shows why it is still the best periodical in the world, by presenting the wisdom of the worlds greatest scientific experts.

A Manolo Blahnik it isn’t.

Still, the world’s oldest known leather shoe, revealed Wednesday, struck one of the world’s best known shoe designers as shockingly au courant. “It is astonishing,” Blahnik said via email, “how much this shoe resembles a modern shoe!”

Take that Scientific American! You may keep your radio-carbon dating gizmos and jargon-spouting archeology professors, for the National Geographic has lead their story with the quotation from the Maestro di Tutti Maestri, Manolo Blahnik!

We continue…

Stuffed with grass, perhaps as an insulator or an early shoe tree, the 5,500-year-old moccasin-like shoe was found exceptionally well preserved—thanks to a surfeit of sheep dung—during a recent dig in an Armenian cave.

About as big as a current women’s size seven (U.S.), the shoe was likely tailor-made for the right foot of its owner, who could have been a man or a woman—not enough is known about Armenian feet of the era to say for sure.

Made from a single piece of cowhide—a technique that draws premium prices for modern shoes under the designation “whole cut”—the shoe is laced along seams at the front and back, with a leather cord.


The end result looks surprisingly familiar for something so ancient—and not just to Blahnik.

“It immediately struck me as very similar to a traditional form of Balkan footwear known as the opanke, which is still worn as a part of regional dress at festivals today,” said Elizabeth Semmelhack, a curator at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada.

And, the Manolo must note, it is substantially better looking than the last oldest shoe, Otzi the Iceman’s prehistoric Birkenstocks.

P.S. Many thanks to all of the Manolo’s internet friends who alerted him to this story.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Mena Suvaris Shoes!

Manolo answers, it is the Mena Suvari.

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend Heather, who for the second week in the row was the first to identify this week’s personage of note.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?


Manolo says, Mr. Henry considers underclothing.

Underpants – a comic masterpiece of a word. Just try maintaining a serious tone when saying the word “underpants.” In Britain you can’t even say “pants” without getting a clever-clever rejoinder. For them, pants are garments worn under trousers.

The German word for panties is “panties,” which when pronounced with a German accent sounds very, very naughty.

It’s difficult to know how to frame the argument about underpants. Boxers or briefs? Surely this is a false dichotomy.

And now you must go read the whole thing.

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…

Listening to…



Last year, when the Manolo was living in Argentina, he discovered the greatest television chef of them all, Francis Mallmann. And so when the Mallmann recently released his newest cookbook, Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way, it was only natural that the Manolo should rush out purchase this book, and read it at the single sitting.

And now, the Manolo is happy to report that he has not been disappointed; the book is excellent.

Of the course, the written word, even with accompanying full-color photos, cannot capture the true Argentine charm of Francis Mallmann. What the Manolo first said in 2008 holds true today..

If you do not know Francis Mallman, you must learn of him immediately. He is not just the greatest chef ever produced by Argentina, but also perhaps the most completely self-confident and instinctively correct lifestyle maven to emerge in the past 25 years. Compared to Mallmann, Martha Stewart is the dowdy and self-doubting hausfrau.

To watch Mallmann is to know immediately how one should live one’s life. And his masterful cooking show, Un lugar en Medoza, is both the oddest and most satisfying cooking show ever to appear on television, anywhere. It is, above all else, completely mesmerizing.

There are several videos available on YouTube, including the whole episode of Un lugar en Mendoza (in three parts).

Why is Mallmann so mesmerizing? Here is the person at HotelChatter explaining Mallmann.

Mallmann has a quality you don’t find much in hoteliers: pleasantness. Not only that, he’s a scholar, a gentleman, and a romantic. His poetry collection greatly exceeds his cookbook collection. He smokes good cigars. He likes camping and mucking around on his Blackberry. He dresses like John Wayne dressing up as Oscar Wilde. He would make a good character on Lost.

Speaking of camping, here is the video of Mallmann camping…

This is on the Laguna Garzon, near the Pueblo Garzon, which home of the fabulous Mallmann restaurant and hotel, Garzon.

Finally, you must see the video below, even though the quality is execrable. You must see it for the coat that Mallmann wears…

This is how to live!


Sandra Lee Considered

Manolo says, our food blogging friend Katie, considers the possible future adventures of celebrity cook, Sandra Lee.

Since the Times article ran, I’ve been thinking about themed tablescapes Ms. Lee might create in the New York State Executive Mansion if Cuomo is elected. Of course, his victory party would be a doozy, but once in office the possibilities would be endless.