Jimmy Choo Quaker Elaphe Snake Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and you are back piloting your desk into the familiar waters of corporate drudgery. But, such is the fate to which you have consigned yourself, certain in the knowledge that you are helping your family, even as you climb the ladder of career satisfaction.

Thankfully, the very computer that has enslaved you to it’s whims and emails, also delivers to you moderately humorous amusements to relieve the pressure, amusements such as the humble shoe blog of the Manolo where you will be able to ponder beautiful conundrums such as these shoes…

Jimmy Choo Quaker Elaphe Snake Sandals

The Quaker Elaphe Snake Sandals from Jimmy Choo.

Quaker? What Quaker?

All of the Friends you know, like that prematurely gray-headed girl down at the health food store, would never wear these shoes, not in the million years. Indeed, these good people, who are ostentatiously, aggressively, humble in dress and manner, have the ability to make you feel guilty because you are not bicycling furiously to weekly social justice meetings where they will serve vegan ginger snaps and kambucha, and show slides about their community recycling efforts in Ecuador.

No, no, these shoes are only suitable for the more enthusiastic religious tradition, such as Semi-Reformed Long Island Russian Judaism, or Nouveau Riche Louisiana Pentecostalism, maybe Americanized Southern California Hinduism, or Nia Vardalos Greek Orthadoxism, the celebratory faith of the people who like to get dressed up and carry on expressively before God, like David in the linen ephod.

And then there is the whole problem of the Elaphe Snake. Who has heard of the elpahe snake? But the quick Googling reveals…

Well, at least that makes sense. Who wants to wear the black rat snake sandals?

Manolo the Columnist: Karolina by Kate Spade

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I am defending my dissertation next month. In other words, I’ll be on my feet for two hours undergoing the academic version of the Spanish Inquisition! I need a beautiful, professional shoe with a WHOLE lot of support. Can you recommend something that will help me feel confident, yet comfortable?


Manolo says, Huzzah! The triumphant culmination of your twenty-five years of education approaches!

And to think, all it took was seven years of living on ramen noodles, stomach acid, and library paste. That, and the massive student loans that will only be eradicated by the violent act of God, such as the meteor strike or the sun going super nova.

Of the course, there is one minor teeny detail that must be taken care of before you can join the rest of the underemployed adjuncts down at the hobo jungle: your dissertation defense!

Yes, these things are supposed to be the semi-formality, the friendly gathering of fond professors ushering their prize student into the academic afterlife. But then you remember that Professor X will be there. Professor X, the sworn enemy of your advisor, the person who has publicly vowed to see your beloved Dr. Sweetheart “burn in the fiery pits of Hades, tormented for all eternity by vengeful demons” (Who knew people could get so worked up about Emily Dickinson?)

Ah, well, at least you will have the handsome and comfortable shoes, because you will be wearing the Karolina from Kate Spade, in the beautiful camel tan patent finish.

Karolina from Kate Spade


Pucci Makes the Smiles

Manolo says, when ever the Manolo is suffering one of his “moods” (as he is at the moment) he naturally likes to cheer himself up by looking at the shoes, and nothing is as cheering as the wonderfully over-the-top Pucci.

Emilio Pucci Gunmetal Satin Shoes

For the example, these parti-colored slingbacks with the bling are like the seratonin uptake inhibitors for your feets.

Or, as the Manolo would choose to put it: Pucci Makes the Smiles!

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Jennifer Lopez Shoes

Manolo answers, it is the Jennifer Lopez!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend Heather, who was the first to identify this week’s well-shod personage of note.


The Nap

Manolo says, our friend Mr. Henry gives us rules for napping.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?

Manolo Welcomes His Friend Katie!

Manolo says, now that our friend Mr. Henry is blogging about the matters manly, the Manolo has asked his friend Katie R. to step in and lend the hand at his Manolo’s Food Blog.

And, her very first post is about the very timely topic: Shrimp and Petroleum.

Christian Louboutin Fernando Sandals For the Tuesday

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, and you are back at your desk, the glorious summer of 2010 proceeding without you. But, not to worry, you have had the sufficient dosage of summer over this past holiday weekend to hold you for many days to come.

It was not the undercooked hot dogs, nor the overripe potato salad, but the near drowning incident that perhaps has soured you on the entire Fun In The Sun™ enterprise.

But the less said of that, the better.

All you choose to remember is the image of your husband pulling your teenaged son back into the boat by the hair, slapping him on the back as he coughed up water, and saying, “that was fun, wasn’t it?”

And your son, your lovely, sweet boy, not only agreed to this maniacal proposition of fun-ness (fun-hood, fun-osity?) , not only agreed, but wanted to get back on the inner-tube as soon as possible.

“This time,” he said, spitting up the algae, “I think I can get more air if you go a little faster, Dad.”


And then you remember, it is after the Day of Memorialization, you can wear the white shoes!

Christian Louboutin Fernando Patent Leather Sandals

Celebrate the season with Christian Louboutin Fernando Patent Leather Sandals!