Jimmy Choo Patent Leather Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk, adding your tuppence to our blighted economy.

Oddly, this morning you are bright and sunny and full of cheer, happy to be out of your house and back at your job. You say, “oddly”, but in reality, it is not so “oddly”. You are happy to be back at the desk because your sister-in-law and her brood have been visiting for the past week, and frankly you need the break.

It is not that your in-laws are the bad people, for indeed, taken in the small doses, your husband’s sister Kristin and her husband Ryan, and their three kids, Wednesday, Pugsly, and Prince Michael III, are the delightfully quirky and amusing peoples.

Unfortunately, by the fourth day, some of their oddball charm had begun to wear off, as you realize that you have become the slave to their ravenous hunger for clean towels and home-cooked meals.

But, let us not go there. Let us in the stead celebrate the joys of family! Let us remember that we have often been guests at their house, enjoying their towels and the contents of their refrigerator. Let us also remember that their flight home leaves early tomorrow morning!

Look! Beautiful shoes to make the time between now and that happy minute fly like the wind…

It is the Jimmy Choo Patent Leather Sandal, simple, sexy and fun.