Manolo the Columnist: Graham by Kate Spade

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I’m attending a wedding this summer in upstate New York and have been told to expect a formal affair with tents, oriental carpets in the grass, and silver candlesticks on hay bales in the “old Adirondack style.” Although I’m not completely sure what that entails, I expect that a dress inspired by the age of the Great Gatsby (without being too obvious) would be appropriate and fun. Can you suggest shoes along the same lines?


Manolo says, such is the power of association that when the Manolo hears the words “Old Adirondack” he thinks of the wooden lawn chair with the peeling paint, although, upon deeper reflection, he also thinks of the entire family of rustic woodsy furniture, imposing log mansions shingled in bark, and moose antlers, many, many moose antlers.

He also recalls the single time he visited the Adirondacks, many years ago, when his hosts — outdoorsy people of great stamina and robustness — convinced the Manolo to accompany them on the “little hike”.

It should go without the saying that the Manolo is the leisurely stroller, not the vigorous hiker, and thus by the end of this backcountry endurance test the sort of litter had been arranged from birch poles and coats, upon which the Manolo was conveyed back to civilization.

Here is the Graham from Kate Spade, the platinum shoe with the Daisy Buchanan-ish t-strap and the bow, perfect for all your Gatsby-based occasions.
Graham by Kate Spade