Dior Intrigante Over-the-Knee Boots for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you have only been at your desk for two hours and already it has been one of those sort of days. And the rest of the week does not look so good, what with the deadlines that are racing at you and your general sense that things are collapsing around you.

And then your boss comes in and drops the stack of files on your desk.

“Need it pronto. Like yesterday, if possible.”


Steven Slater, Hero of the Working Man

And suddenly you are looking around for the emergency exit chute. For if you could find that, together with the pair of beers, and access to the office public address system, your day would immediately be much, much better.

Well, such is the stuff of your Johnny Paycheck fantasies. Hey look! Reality television has come the knocking!!

According to website TMZ, Stone Entertainment, the company that has produced scores of reality TV such as The Mole for ABC and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style for Bravo, has approached Slater’s attorney with an offer for Slater to appear in his own show.

[…] the show will feature Slater helping people quit their crummy jobs in as spectacular a manner as ever.

Well, this is certainly not the surprise. Perhaps you should give him the call so as to arrange your public exit.

Best case scenario? During the filming of your segment, your latent talent for improvisional humor will be revealed, prompting the producers to offer your own series on the Lifetime network, where it achieves the solid ratings. At which point you will get your revenge by returning to your old place of work, wearing these Dior Intigrante Over-the-Knee Suede and Leather Boots.

Dior Intigrante Over-the-Knee Suede and Leather Boots

Worst case scenario…???