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Diane von Furstenberg on the Sale! | Manolo's Shoe Blog

Diane von Furstenberg on the Sale!

Manolo says, for your Recession Thursday window shopping pleasure, here are the Diane von Furstenberg shoes on the sale, which have the stamp of the Manolo’s approval.

Alexandria Ankel Bootie by Diane von Furstenberg

This is the Alexandria from Diane von Furstenberg, the cut-out, peep-toe, ankle bootie that would be just the thing for the late summer evening, especially as it is selling for more than $200 off of the original price!

Lady from Diane von Furstenberg

The Manolo recommended these shoes back in January, (when he discussed that book Eat, Pray Love), the Lady from Diane von Furstenberg, at the full price. Imagine, then, his joy to see that they are now selling at the $125 discount!

Jave Booties from Diane von Furstenberg

Yes, it is burning hot and Augusty outside, but…as surely as the night follows the day, the winter is coming, and what better way to prepare than with handsome, warm boots from Diane von Furstenberg, selling for only $155!

One Response to “Diane von Furstenberg on the Sale!”

  1. raincoaster August 20, 2010 at 5:06 am #

    I used to think DVF was awfully 70’s, which was fine at the time but is almost half a century ago. Her stuff over the last two years, however, particularly the accessories, has changed my mind. As well, I’ve always been rather fond of her business model: marry an old, closety gay billionaire.

    Does anyone know any single ones? Maybe I should just hang around Palm Springs.