Manolo the Columnist: Missmadison from Stuart Weitzman

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column from the Express of the Washington Post

Dear Manolo,

What is your opinion of office romances? There’s a super cute single guy in my workplace whose attention I wish to attract. At the same time, I need to maintain my professional demeanor. Can you recommend something that is subtly seductive and yet appropriate for work?


Manolo says, unlike most of the other so-called “career consultants”, the Manolo is very pro office romance.

Yes, there is the strong danger that the affair may go awry leaving you obsessed with the jerky-jerk-face ex-boyfriend whom you will encounter each time you go to the copy machine.

Indeed, you may become so obsessed that you could spend all of your time at the office weeping, eating junk food pilfered from the communal refrigerator, and plotting this man’s return to your embrace and/or gruesome death (as the case may be).

As you spiral downward, you could begin to confide inappropriate personal romantic details with important clients and janitors, your personal hygiene could suffer, and pajama bottoms might begin to seem like the good choice for professional attire.

And, lickity-splitity, you could be out on the street living in the cardboard box, unemployed.

But, these dangers, as real as they are, pale in comparison to finding true love, no?

Here is the Missmadison from Stuart Weitzman, the scarlet suede pump, that when paired with the dark-colored business attire could get the job done.

Missmadison from Stuart Weitzman