Things That Frighten The Manolo: Alien Abduction

Floating Karl Lagerfeld threatens to take you back to his ship for probing.

Manolo says, please, Manolo, do not be ridiculous. It is only the optical illusion.

There are no such things as the aliens who will suck you up into their spaceships with the tractor beams, where they will subject you to the intrusive probings with their grotesque and perverted appendages.

Surely there must be the more mundane explanation…perhaps at the Wikipedia

Named for their alleged skin tone, “Greys” are most widely associated with the alien abduction phenomenon, wherein claimants allege that Greys are intelligent extraterrestrials who visit Earth and secretly perform medical experiments on humans they have temporarily kidnapped….A composite description derived from overlap in claims would have Greys as small bodied, sexless beings with smooth grey skin, enlarged head and large eyes.