Frye Rider Spur Boots for the Friday

Manolo says, it is Friday, and all week you have been thinking about what to wear for the weekend, and now here it is and you have still not decided.

At first, you thought that perhaps it was time to give into the return of the 80’s preppy and dig out your pastel colored Izods and sweaters, but they you remembered that back in the day, you were not the prep, but the sort of artsy nerd girl with the off-kilter fashionable pretensions (which you expressed mostly by frequently wearing the same torn Clash t-shirt).

But then, maybe you thought, you should go glitter, like the rest of the beautiful peoples. But, really, your main event of the weekend will be the trip to the pumpkin patch with your nephew, and frankly, you are not the Martha Stewart.

Allow the Manolo to now suggest something traditional: riding boots from the Frye!

Rider Spur Boots from Frye

Perfect for all of your weekend needs, be they pumpkin based or preppy influenced. And the price, for boots of such durability and versatility, it is quite reasonable..