Manolo the Columnist: Joril from Paul X by Paul Smith

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

At the end of the month, I’m going to my 25th college reunion. The biggest events are on Saturday, with the homecoming parade in the morning and the big game in the afternoon. Can you recommend some stylish ankle boots?


Manolo says, at last it is that time of the year, when peoples of the certain age, who have been expensively coiffed, recently botoxed, and vigorously dermibraded, truss themselves into their foundation garments, and return to the scene of the crime, to weep with others of their vintage over the ashes of their youth.

And to think, it was only last millennium when you were the bright-eyed student at Alma Mater U., majoring in boys and beer pong, the Belle of the Tappa Kega Bru’s Fall Intoxication Festival.

Of the course, how could you forget your favorite teacher, Professor Whatshisname, that old guy with the beard dandruff and the sports sandals who was always on your case about finishing the papers on time. You certainly learned much in that class, whatever it was.

Look! There is your college boyfriend, Kip! He looks so old, and beaten down, and bald, like the caricature of that vigorous future accountant he once was. Who is that he is standing with? It is that foreign boy who had the intense super crush on you, Chang-Ho-Something-or-Other. You took such pleasure in mocking him, and now he is the fifth richest man in Hong Kong.


Here is the sporty, yet stylish ankle bootie, the Joril from Paul X by Paul Smith, something that would work well with the jeans, or the skirt and tights.

Joril from Paul X by Paul Smith