The Jacket of Sport

Manolo says, our friend Mr. Henry considers the Sport Jacket.

To those interested in the history of fashion, mention must be made that, like so may other fashions originating as actual sportswear, the modern suit jacket originated as a hunting coat for riding to the hounds. The seat vent allows the jacket to drape elegantly astride the saddle.

Most sport jackets today appear to have devolved from military uniforms, specifically the flight jacket and the motorcycle jacket.


Luna from Elizabeth & James for the Tuesday

Manolo says, it is Tuesday and you are back at your desk after what was either the three-day celebration of Cristobal Colon, or not, as the case may be.

Of the course, like many times you have returned to work after the short break, you have had the difficult time getting back into the processes of employment. Worse, recently, you have been especially distracted.

Thanks to the internet, that insidious purveyor of free pr0n, cross-eyed dreams and LOLcats, you have been thinking of the career change.

Well, perhaps not the career change, so much as the work at home business, one that will relieve you of the necessity of having to leave your house for the office each morning (to say nothing of the necessity of having to comb your hair, put on makeup, or wear pants).

Your brilliant business idea is the consequence of spending too much of the time browsing the wonders of Etsy, where you see that many other peoples are able to sell their handmade items of dubious worth.

However it is this item, the Miller Lite Crocheted Cap, that has occasioned your brainstorm. The very second you saw it, you realized that, finally, here was the opportunity for financial freedom!

Have you not inherited from your mother (who was famous for her craftiness) the most successful crocheted beer can cap pattern in the whole three county area? And does your husband not produce at least two cases of empty Budweiser cans each month (four during the football season)?


And now all you can think about is how you will leverage these assets to build the empire of crocheted novelty hats, which thanks to the empowering nature of the interwebs, you will sell on the line! And soon Aaron Sorkin will be making the movie about how, through ruthless crocheting, you cornered the beercan hat market!

But then your husband calls to remind you it is his mother’s birthday, and, as the call ends he drops the bomb on your dreams.

“Honey, can you pick up a six pack of Sierra Nevada on your way home.”

Oh noes! Your man has discovered craft beer, available only in bottles!


Well, at least the Manolo can still show you pictures of beautiful shoes while you work out your next escape plan.

Luna from Elizabeth and James

Look! Here is the Luna from Elizabeth and James, the beautiful, shiny sandal.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend Janie who suggested the topic.