Six Years of Shoeblogging: The Fresh Prince of Darkness

N.B. In honor of the Manolo’s six years of shoeblogging, the Manolo has decided to repost this week some of his favorite pieces.

This animadversion on the New York Magazine article about the Evil One, has proven to be one of the most popular posts the Manolo has ever written. It originally appeared on February 7th, 2006.

Manolo says, even from his sick bed, the Manolo he still feels impelled to rise to do battle with evil.

Look at this lengthy article in the New York Magazine, which the Manolo has annotated below for your edification. It is like the horrifying, surreal, opera buffo stage version of the Paradise Lost.

Act One, Scene One. The curtain it raises on the procession of the damned, who shuffle across the stage paying obsequious homage to the Lord of Flies.

First, the aged crones in thrall to evil..

What can one talk about while waiting for Lagerfeld? Lagerfeld, of course. “Karl has the energy of . . . what? Twenty-five thousand Turkish elephants!” says socialite Anne Slater, wearing her big blue glasses and grinning up a storm. “He’s magnetic and powerful. I think he’s absolutely, devastatingly attractive.”

Then, the young slatterns, proud of their debasement…

“Karl is a genius!” exclaims Lindsay Lohan

Next, the handmaidens of Asmodeus, eager to share their shame..

“Karl is the one person that makes me shy,” says throaty Bungalow 8 owner Amy Sacco.

Then, the greater demons, odious, cloven hooved beings who dwell in the lower rings of Hell…

Giorgio Armani, André Leon Talley, Anna Wintour with her pretty daughter, Bee. “A conversation with Karl is not a fashion conversation—it’s a conversation, a conversation that embraces the culture of life,” says Talley.

At last, the minor-key fanfare sounds the approach of Hell’s dark master. The lights dim. Low fog swirls onto the stage, and there! Suddenly! The Arch-Fiend himself!



The Visual Wit of Kobi Levi

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends have been directing him to look at the whimsically unusual shoes of the Israeli designer Kobi Levi.

And so, here are the few of the Kobi Levi shoes which have greatly amused the Manolo with their visual wit.

Kobi Levi Playful Dog Shoes

Kobi Levi Slingshot Shoes

Kobi Levi Banana Slip-On Shoes

All of these shoes above delighted the Manolo, indeed, the playful dog shoes made the Manolo laugh out loud in joy.

And now, you must go see all of the Kobi Levis shoes, as these are many more than the three the Manolo has presented here.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?