The Tron Disney Shoe vs. The Gehry Disney Concert Hall

Jerome Rousseau's Tron Disney ShoeFrank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall

Manolo says, because sometimes the poetry cannot express everything, the Manolo gives you the pictures.

For the Manolo, this is the remarkably original and attractive shoe, one that may, as you may see above, have had the very witty inspiration. (Although, the Jerome Rousseau does not give us any hint of this in his only published comment on the matter.)

“I didn’t want to make something gimmicky,” Rousseau remarked when we sat down with him for a sneak peek. “I wanted it to be something women wanted to wear, not just a salute to Tron—something that conveyed the mood and cool modernity of Tron without falling into a trap of a contrived design.”

The Manolo’s poetry of this morning, however, was occasioned by the almost strangely post-modern marketing confluence of the flimsy video game movie remake, the Walt Disney Company, and the high end fashion designer releasing together the artistic luxury shoe as if it were the Happy Meal prize. What better way to counter the unheimlichkeit caused by this than through the homage to Wallace Stevens?