Manolo the Columnist: Heidi from Kamik

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I’m supposed to help at my daughter’s grade school’s Fall Festival next weekend. The problem is, that the festival will be held outdoors if it doesn’t rain, but even then, the field is sure to be muddy and wet, and all I have is a pair of whimsical lady bug rain boots I purchased several years ago in a moment of weakness. I’m a single mom, so I’d like to look a little more sophisticated, because, well, you never know. Please suggest something.


Manolo says, it is true, that we have entered the era of the whimsical wellie, of the adult women strutting about in public wearing the rain boots more suitable for the toddlers.

And while the Manolo is not opposed to the certain level of amusement and colorfulness in the rain boots, he must draw the line at the frogs, the rubber duckies, and pink pirate boots, all of which he has seen lately on ladies of the certain age.

Of the course, for the outdoorsy women, the Manolo usually recommends adopting the costumes of the English countryside, which are both practical and attractive, although, there is the danger of looking as if you were preparing to muck out the stables.

Here is Heidi from Kamik, the reasonably priced, yet attractive rain boot that will having you looking good in jeans and the sweater.

Heidi Rain Boot from Kamik